Could You Start Your Own Fashion Blog?

Fashion blogs are a great source of inspiration if you love clothing and style. It can be really interesting to see the latest news from runway fashion shows and new collections around the world, and also to see what other ordinary people with an interest in fashion are choosing to wear! Of course, if you have a lot of ideas, tips or views of your own about style and fashion, or you are someone who is in the know about the fashion industry itself, starting a fashion blog on your own can be very rewarding because it will give you the chance to publish your own styles and content!

Different Types of Fashion Blog

Fashion is a pretty broad subject, with lots of different niches. As a result of this, there are lots of different types of fashion blog, and choosing the kind you can do best can help you find your place in the fairly packed fashion blog market. Here are some of the kinds of fashion blogs you could consider doing:

  • Fashion news blogs that talk about the latest happenings in the fashion industry, give analysis of new designer collections, and predict trends.
  • ‘My Style’ type blogs where the blogger posts about things they themselves own, wear or would like to buy, giving inspiration to other people.
  • Fashion and style tips type blogs, where advice is given on things like how to wear certain styles or how to dress for different body shapes.
  • Subculture or niche fashion blogs, which focus on a specific fashion genre like vintage fashion, goth or punk fashion.

As you can see, they all suit different types of writers, with some being at an expert level where you would need some industry knowledge, and others being more ‘peer’ level, where you write about what you like for other people like yourself to read.

Getting Started as a Fashion Blogger

These days, building and putting life your own blog is very easy to do, and you don’t really need to invest in professional web design or site building unless you are looking for a very high level of design for a commercial enterprise.

Firstly, you’ll need a domain and web hosting, which can be very inexpensive and which you can buy online and have set up instantly. Then comes the time to build your site. There are lots of tools to help you do this, even with no web design or coding knowledge. Find a good WordPress theme to work with, or just follow a beginner’s guide tutorial to WordPress, and you’ll soon have a nice looking site!


Once your site is built, the most important thing is to start publishing great content on your site – whatever type of fashion blog you’ve decided to do. Post regularly and share your content on your social media accounts, and you should soon find that people begin to find your site. If the content is good and well positioned, you will soon have readers enjoying everything you publish!

Running your own fashion blog is a great way to express yourself and engage with other people who love fashion, and setting one up can be done easily in just an hour or two. Why not start yours today?