Chronicling Timex American Documents through Excellence

Timex has been an iconic watch brand, much loved throughout the world. Be it sports or formal watches for men, Timex has enjoyed a special place in wardrobes across the globe. 2019, is a special year for the Timex brand. The company that invented wristwatches is all set to reinvent timepieces with its new American Documents project. The project not only heralds the launch of a new series of timepieces but also is an exploration of a legacy that must now be cherished and honored.

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“Inspired by the America that made us”

This statement by Timex gives us a glimpse into the heritage of this iconic watchmaking company that has been built up over the 165 years of its existence. When the Benedict & Burnham brass manufacturers decided to set up the Waterbury Clock Company in Connecticut, it was with reliance on good old-fashioned American values and the spirit of ingenuity and enterprise. With the American Documents series, Timex is now sourcing all watch parts from domestic companies and relying completely on materials sourced in the 50 states. Timex is now bringing home the “Made in America” mark.

The American Documents Series

There are four elegant watches that go into the initial offering of the American Documents series. TW2R82700US is a bold white dial timepiece with a stainless steel case (41mm width) and a black leather band. TW2R82800US has a gray dial and a dark blue leather band that makes it a perfect wear for both professional and casual occasions. The brown leather band and midnight blue dial of the TW2R82900US makes it a classic wear timepiece that will effortlessly complement your wardrobe. The TW2R83000US is just as elegant and sophisticated as the others in this series and comes with an all-black dial and a dark brown leather band. These watches come with a clean dial, a sub-second dial, and a date window. The back case of each of these American Documents watches is stamped in brass sourced from The US and plated with “Aged Waterbury Brass” to honor the original brass clocks offered by the Waterbury Clock Company. Each American Documents watch comes in a solid cherry wood hand-finished case to keep it safe. The case is felt-lined with an inlaid magnetic closure. The watches are priced at $495 a piece.

The American Dream Come True

The Waterbury Clock Company was set up in Connecticut in 1854. Watchmaking excellence was till then associated with Europe but the WCC’s affordable $6 clock made timepieces available to every household. Then came the $1 pocket watch that made watches personal articles. The Mickey Mouse watch launched in 1933 was bought by millions. Till the 1970s, Timex watches were all manufactured in America but the quartz crisis and economic demands took production overseas to Asia. With the launch of the American Documents project, Timex has made a bold move to bring back the production and assembly of its watches to US soil. 

Through Bryan Schutmaat’s Eyes

The American Documents projects bring with it added incentive in the form of a visual treat by renowned photographer Bryan Schutmaat. Bryan traveled across the length and breadth of the USA capturing stunning sights of the 50 states. These stunning images have a distinctive Americana vibe to them and are available for download and use when you buy an American Documents watch. As Bryan says, “There’s a sense of possibility that comes from the vastness of this country.” American Documents make this possibility a tangible reality for Timex fans across the country. Be it sports watches for boys or formal timepieces for men of power and ambition, Timex has it all.