Choosing the Right Fit, Color and Style of Silk Lingerie

There is always something about lingerie that says “you need to get the right one”. However, there are no hard rules saying you need to pick a matching set or the same color. You need to consider a few details that will ensure you are selecting the best lingerie for yourself.

Choosing the right fit, the right color and the right style has some background to it that you need to learn first. Here is a comprehensive list that explains more in detail:


  • What is Your Personality Like?


Our personality shows in what we wear and that is no different for lingerie. It is for this reason you need to know what you will feel most comfortable in. That is how you will be able to get the pieces you love and feel confident in. Perhaps you have a bubbly personality and are attracted to bolder colors; whereas if you are introverted, maybe you shy away from brights and prefer pastel and neutral shades.


  • Level of Comfort


You need to be able to wear something and feel comfortable in your own skin. Ensure the type of lingerie you purchase is for the intended use. For instance, you`ll want to consider the style and material if the garment is for a sound night of sleep. Levels of comfort need to be considered all the time as the piece you buy will be something you`ll have in your wardrobe for a long time.  

Here is How You Pick the Right Silk Lingerie

There are the things that you need to consider:


  • Know the Body Type that Defines You


This is something that will help right away when you walk into the lingerie shop. You will be able to get what is needed based on the features of your body you want to show off. Certain styles are more flattering for specific body types.


  • What do You Want to Enhance?


When you are buying lingerie, you are buying it to feel confident when you wear it and there are some parts of you that you want to highlight. For instance, look for an empire waist to give a high-waisted appearance that skims over the body.


  • Buy More than One Type


This is how you will be able to explore the versatility of the different styles. Some pieces may be better for everyday occasions while others you`ll want to save for a special event.

Versatility in the kinds of lingerie that you wear can define the moods that you are in and sometimes will be the one thing that cheers you up.


  • Try on As Many As You Can


When you are in the store, it is your time to explore the shelves and take advantage of the sales associates` advice.

How many times have you tried on something that you did not think was for you and you found out that it fit so well you wonder why you never discovered it earlier? That is why you need to try on various styles and who knows, it may pleasantly surprise you.  


  • Look at your Skin Tone


This is when you want to find a piece that is the right color for you. Perhaps look at skin tone charts and ask for the advice of your friend of sales associate. Look for something that compliments your skin tone and that you`ll never get bored of.

In Conclusion

There are so many choices when it comes to the type of silk lingerie you can purchase. There are many things to consider when researching the perfect lingerie for you. Hopefully this list is helpful as you start on your search.