Brining BOHO to the Beach


If you’re all about that Bohemian life, Boho-chic just means everyday wear.  This style can be best described as relaxed and expressive. Anytime there’s anything Bohemian, you’ll see a lot of fringe, colors, patterns, and everything will be freely flowing in the wind (including dresses, hair, and a lot of loose-fitting clothing). Is there anything more naturally fitting than boho-chic at the beach? This laidback look will be a super-cute choice for a beach day. Whether boho is the way to go for you, no matter what the occasion, or you think it’ll be fun to try a different style, here are a few ways to be a Bohemian beauty at the beach.

Beach waves are a must.

Give yourself beach hair before the beach. In fact, your hair doesn’t really need to touch salt water to achieve those sexy bohemian locks. Get your hands on sea salt hairspray or use a curling iron to create that romantic tousled look.

Feel free to fringe.

Fringe is always welcome when you’re aiming for boho-chic, especially at the beach. Weather you have fringe accents on your swimsuit, cover-up, handbag, or sandals, you’ve got the right idea.

Grab the nearest maxi dress.

If you’ll be walking on the boardwalk, or enjoying a day-to-night beach party, a light and relaxed maxi dress is fabulously bohemian. Opt for natural tones or something in a flirty floral print.

Ruffles are always a good idea.

The more ruffles, the better. This adds that feminine and free flowing touch that is oh-so boho.

Wear a flower crown…if you dare.

This accent might be a little much for some, but for those that really want to embrace the style, flower crowns are great for the beach. They’ll keep your wavy locks out of your face, too.

It’s all about the sunnies.

Accessories are key, and sunglasses are one of the most important pieces. Don’t leave home without your statement sunnies. Pick a fun pair with a colored round lens.

Top it all off with golden accents.

Of course, you can’t forget the jewelry. Opt for gold arm candy or a long statement necklace. This will pull the whole look together.