Best Places to Wear a Formal Gown

Are you counting down the days to that upcoming formal event? Channel your inner red carpet fashionista and don a gorgeous gown for that special evening out.  Here are some fancy ideas for you and your friends!

The Opera

This formal occasion will always call for something fancy! A showstopping gown is a must, and with few styles off limits, the possibilities are endless. Worried about over doing it? Don’t stress! Wearing a formal gown to the opera is perfectly customary; it will show respect for the performers, crew, and facility. And who doesn’t love getting fancy?

A Meal at Home

No plans? No problem! Just because you’re planning a staycation that doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up. Put on a ball gown, ask your man to wear his suit, and have a romantic dinner in the dining room. If you don’t want to cook, order in and enjoy that quality time together!

A Five Star Restaurant

If you want to splurge on a fancy meal instead of eating at home, check out the latest five-star restaurant in town. The restaurants with dress codes are the most lavish, so check one out if you’ve never done it before. It’s quite the experience!

The Ballet

Much like the opera or the theatre, you should dress up to see a ballet – especially for an evening performance! They’re so beautiful, and nothing compares to seeing one live. You won’t regret dressing up for an event like this, and everyone else will be dressed up too!

A Dance Class

Why not be the dancers? Take a ballroom dance class so you can get use of out your gown again. Not only will you need to dress up for the course, but you’ll need to dress up to put your new skills to use every time you go dancing!

A Carriage Ride

Explore your downtown or head to the city to take a carriage ride through town! It’s a great date night and an excellent excuse to dress up. It’s so romantic, and it’s an experience you will cherish forever!

A Wedding

Keeping the bride’s taste and preferences in mind, a wedding is a great place to wear a formal gown. We suggest staying away from white, cream, and ivory (unless that’s the dress code of course!), and avoiding wearing the same color as the wedding party if possible. As long as the wedding is formal, wearing a fancy dress is perfectly appropriate!

The Jazz Club

Change it up and take your evening of dancing upscale by going to a jazz club instead of a nightclub! You can dance the night away in a more sophisticated setting, and you can dress more elegantly than you can at the club.

A Photo Shoot

A photo op is always the best excuse to get fancy! Schedule a photoshoot, gather your friends or family, and scope out some scenic spots. Hit the historic district downtown, that cute new café, or take pictures in front of all of the local landmarks. It’s a great excuse to dress up, be together, and take pictures you can enjoy forever!

Host a Cocktail Party

So you don’t have any upcoming events on your social calendar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t host your own! Send out fancy invitations, dress up in your best cocktail dress, and have a party of your own.

There are plenty of places you can wear a formal gown, even in your hometown. Tour the local art gallery, go to a fancy auction, or rent a hotel room for the night. Remember, it’s all about having fun, so don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing; just enjoy yourself and make unforgettable memories!