5 Popular types of micro bikinis you have to try this summer!

Although this summer is almost over, we still have lots of sunny days ahead of us! So, instead of staying at home, why don’t you hit a beach and enjoy the last hot days.

But in order to do that, you need the right swimsuit.

Bikinis and swimsuits are not only outfit; they are a fashion statement! We can use them to show our curves and feel pretty while in public. For this summer, we recommend trying one of popular micro bikinis that Hollywood stars are raving about.

Like with all clothing, bikinis are getting smaller each and every year. This is how we got to micro bikinis of today. While these swimsuits may seem too revealing to some (and indeed you have to be bold to wear one) other women will be chomping at the bit to put them on.

Here are some popular models of micro bikinis you might wish to try out!


  • Cheeky cut


As the name suggests, cheeky cut is meant to show your cheeks. It is a bit similar to a thong but without “tent” that other types of bikinis have. Cheeky or Brazilian cut was especially popular this year and is great for women who want to show both hips and curves. Among various options on this list, cheeky cut is probably the most moderate one. Still, you can feel sexy while wearing it.


  • High cut


High cut is very similar to cheeky cut but with a twist. Both of them are very standard and can barely be considered micro bikinis. Still, they can be revealing enough. High cut was especially popular this summer as many celebrities have been wearing it. This particular model has straps pretty high on hip creating a V shape behind.


  • Thong


Obviously, thong is type of a bikini that has a strap behind. It completely reveals your cheeks and it is popular among women who want to try something bold. At the same time, thong is acceptable enough to be worn on public beaches. They have much less fabric than previous models so it might seem a bit extreme to some.


  • Micro bikini


The trend of wearing micro bikinis started first in California. This makes sense as this is known as the most liberal state. Given that women were always going for shorter and shorter, the next evolution was in bikinis. Unlike previous models, microkini has the least fabric. They don’t have any cups for breast and its bottom section is barely covering intimate parts. In some cases, there will be just a string in front. Of course, the back, it will always be like a thong. Micro bikinis are a revolution of sort. This is precisely why they are often not allowed on public beaches due to their free nature.


  • Teardrop


There are lots of similarities between micro bikinis and teardrops. In fact, the main difference is in their shape of cups. They barely cover anything so people can see wearers nipples. Lower section is barely any better; when wearing certain models, you can almost see lady parts. Teardrop is definitely not for public beaches. In fact, it is much better to wear them to nudist beaches or when you have the luck of visiting a private beach.

Micro bikinis are the next revolution of swimsuits.

Truth be told, there isn’t much space for imagination when you put one on. They are so small that we probably will never see any further reduction to the item. Still, for people who love to be provocative and to feel free on the beach, this is a perfect item.

If you’re curious to learn more about bikinis in general, we suggest you read “Short History of Bikinis: How It All Started”. It will tell you everything you need to know.