8 Tips To Find The Perfect Jeans For Your Body

If there’s one piece of clothing that every girl should know very well how to buy, it’s the jeans. But then, getting the perfect pair that could flaunt your curves and promote your style is quite a challenge. For some reason, the pair that looks nice hanging on the store feels different when actually worn. Allow us to help you solve the dilemma by giving you eight simple tips on how to choose the perfect jeans for your body frame.

  1. Determine your body shape.

Do you have that sexy hourglass figure? Or maybe you’re pear-shaped? If you’re a little on the voluptuous side, then you must be a plus-sized. Below is a shape guide to help you determine which type of jeans fits you best.

  • Hourglass

Women with an hourglass figure can basically wear just about any jeans. They can go for a wide-legged pair or the super skinny type and still look wonderful. One recommendation, though, go for the type with mid-rise and a flat front for that overall slim yet curvy look.

  • Pear-shaped

Pear-shaped women should settle for something low-rise. Either the flared or trouser style jeans will look nice on them. These types of cut will take attention away from their hips and make them look more streamlined. Additionally, they should never wear anything super tapered.

  • Plus-sized

Plus-sized women will look nice on jeans if they settle for the slightly form-fitting straight-legged types. The trouser style will work, too. As for color, better choose the darker shades. All of these create that slimming effect that always wanted.

  1. Find the right size for you.

The size tag alone isn’t a good way to know if a pair of jeans will perfectly fit your body. Always try them on. When you do, see if the jeans stretch a little bit as you put them on. If it did, then it’s a good fit. Remember that jeans stretch over time due to normal wear. Also, try to fit two of your fingers down the back. If your entire hand can go in, then the jeans are too loose. If only one finger can, then it’s too tight.

  1. Know which body parts you want to hide and which to flaunt.

While a pair of jeans can easily emphasize your curves, it may also highlight the wrong things. For example, if you don’t want to call attention to your backside, find a pair with larger pockets. If you’re petite, the flared style will help elongate your legs. Cropped jeans will also look good on shorter gals.

  1. Don’t be afraid to try the men’s line.

If trying all the women’s jeans gets you frustrated, then maybe it’s time to check out the men’s line. One of them may just fit better on you. Plus they have their bigger pockets. Slipping in your phone either in the back or front pockets is possible. Also, you can create cute designs on the pockets to make it look chic.

  1. Remember that you can get your jeans hemmed and altered.

Sometimes, a pair of jeans fits just right, but it is not in the right length. Don’t be afraid to get them hemmed. Even cropped jeans can be hemmed to fit you properly, just like what is usually done with a straight leg and bootleg jeans. Making small adjustments is also possible. If you want the legs slimmer or the waistband adjusted, your trusted seamstress can do that for you.

  1. Not all new styles will work on you.

It is relatively easier to pick a good pair of jeans from the classic cuts than the trendy ones. So if there’s one edgy style that’s coming about and it doesn’t fit right, don’t push it. It’s better to feel good on a classic pair than looking like a slave to fashion.

  1. Shop when you’re in the best mood.

Many times, finding the perfect pair of jeans can be such a struggle. More so if you’re not up for the job. If you woke up one morning hating your body or if you feel that you need to lose a little bit of weight, postpone shopping for another day. Remember that you may need all the confidence you can muster inside the fitting room.

  1. Keep on exploring.

Often times, a girl knows what kind of jeans she wants to buy. However, there are other styles that she never knew would look good on her too. Be adventurous when shopping for jeans. You’ll never know if you’ll fall in love with a trendy pair unless you try it.

Follow these tips, and the perfect pair will surely come along. On the other hand, if you need custom clothing labels or hang tags, check out Wunderlabel. They’ve got woven, iron-on, and printed labels for clothes and jeans that are ideal for your customization needs.