Your Man Deserves to Look Good Too

When it comes to fashion and beauty, there are so many products on the market for women, but very few for men. That’s changing, though, and Manscaped is leading the way with specially tailored products aimed at men and the special issues they face below the belt. Shopping for your husband or boyfriend has never been more fun with the colorful descriptions on the site. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to say that you avoided the run-of-the-mill gifts and put some thought into it.

Landscaping Is a Must

One of the main selling points of the Manscaped product line is keeping the so-called “hedges” trimmed. It’s not just women who want to be tidy down there. More men are taking the plunge and making the effort to keep the nether regions well-groomed and dressed to impress. The Lawn Mower is the electric trimmer, one that’s designed to fit easily in the hand. Instead of several attachments, which can be a pain to change, the Lawn Mower comes with a single attachment that has five settings.

If your guy prefers to avoid electric motors below the belt, you can opt for The Plow. This is a double-sided straight razor, but not your typical run of the mill straight razor. It has skin guards on both sides and a handle that looks like it belongs in the garage.

If you’re not a fan of random stubble and hairs all over the floor, it’s a good idea to splurge on the magic Mat. It catches all the shavings and makes them a breeze to toss in the trash after a trimming session.

Handling the Crops

While the products are seriously designed with men’s baggage in mind, Manscaped loves their humor. The Crop Cleanser is a thick, sudsy soap that’s infused with natural herbs to leave behind a pleasant scent. It’s designed to last a long time, and the bottle size is perfect for traveling with. The Crop Preserver helps maintain all-day freshness; it’s a deodorizer that contains liquid talcum to ensure that there’s no greasy feeling left behind.

If you live in a humid climate or have an active fella who likes to play sports and sweats throughout the day, you won’t want to forget the Crop Reviver. It’s a convenient spray that helps “revive” the boys and freshen up the area until he can hit the showers. The combination of the three: Crop Cleanser, Preserver and Reviver, make for an unbeatable package that leaves him smelling good head to toe.

Manicure, Please!

While not for the nether regions, the manicure kit, aptly named The Shears, is a must-have. It comes in a nice leather case and contains everything he needs to maintain clean hands and nails. In addition, he can tweeze out stray hairs in his eyebrows with the tweezers, or clean out his ears with the pick. It works well as a standalone gift, or as part of a package.

Tie it All Together with a Kit

If you want to truly impress, try purchasing one of the two kits available on the site: Nuts & Bolts or The Perfect Package. Each one comes with several of the above-listed items and they make a great birthday or holiday gift for the special guy in your life. The Perfect Package comes with a convenient travel bag that has a handle. He can toss it in his luggage or gym bag, or simply carry it as-is. It’s also a walking advertisement that shouts out to the world just how much he cares about his grooming. Some give it as a gag gift, but it does really come in handy, especially for guys who like to put a little more care into their appearance.