6 Unusual DIY Gifts that Your Girlfriend Would Love to Receive from You

Surprising your special woman with a meaningful gift is one of the most adorable gestures that can make her feel special. But, is there anything that hurts more than knowing that the gift you chose to present your girlfriend isn’t what she wanted? So, give her something special and one of a kind gift that she can never forget and nothing can be more thoughtful than the gifts which you can make yourself. Yes, with a little creativity and help from the internet you can make some incredible gifts which would make your girlfriend feel luckier. Here are seven DIY gift ideas that you can choose to surprise your girlfriend with:

Love Notes Inside A Jar

You can pamper your girl with this cute jar full of your love notes dedicated to her and ask her to read one love note every morning so that she can have a delightful day. All you have to do is to write cute love notes on colorful papers, fold these and put these inside a jar. Then, you can decorate the jar. This gift idea can also make a lovely Valentine gifts for her.

Cute Heart Bracelet

With little tips from the internet, you can definitely try to make a beautiful heart bracelet for your girlfriend. She will definitely feel overwhelmed to receive this gift as you have put all the efforts and crafted this beautiful bracelet for her all by yourself.

A Photo Frame

A handmade photo frame with your girlfriend’s favorite picture of you two is something that will girlfriend treasure for her lifetime. All you have to do is to get out the printouts of your photos, shop the items required to make a handmade photo frame, and rely on the internet to craft a beautiful yet cute photo frame.

Personalized Mug

Although you can send your girlfriend Valentine flowers online how about a personalized Valentine mug? Yes, one of the easiest yet romantic way of making a personalized mug is writing your Valentine message for your girlfriend on a plain white mug with a permanent marker. For a more creative mug, you can rely on the internet.

Handmade Chocolates

Chocolates can always help you win your girl’s heart again and again and chocolates become more special and delicious when handmade with love. All just you need to do is a little hard work which you can, of course, do to make your girl smile.

Love Quote In A Frame

Write a romantic and sweet love quote for your girlfriend on a decorated paper and fit it inside a wooden frame. You can either make a normal cardboard frame by yourself or get a beautiful wooden frame and fit your love quote for your girl in the frame.

With these DIY gift ideas, you can make the woman in your life feel valued and loved by you. Also, these gift ideas will enhance the happiness in your relationship.