The Perfect Applicable Ways to Mix and have Dosage of Melanotan Peptide

Millions of people worldwide suffer from health issues related to skin due to the reducing melanin compound formed naturally in our body. The melanotan peptide has helped its consumers to enhance the formation of natural melanin in their body to develop dark pigmentation in the skin cells.

Why dark pigmentation is necessary for human body?

  • It greatly aids in protecting the skin and ultimately helps in smooth functioning of vital organs of the body.
  • Your skin glow identifies the general health and well being of yours. The prettiness of your face is greatly enhanced by the texture of your skin. if you want to get rid of freckles, wrinkles and aging lines then your body needs to have the dark pigments of the skin in large proportions.
  • Your skin needs to be protected from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. This can be only achieved by having abundant darker pigments in the skin cells, which is regulated by melanin. In simple words, it acts as a natural effective sun screen totally free off any side effects.

The production of melanin totally depends upon melanocytes. Any kind of malfunction of melanocytes will result in less formation of melanin resulting in paving ways for skin diseases. Hence, to enhance the formation of melanin, melanotan peptide was formulated in the laboratories. It acts as a replacement therapy to ease the functions of vital organs of the body as well as return the smooth texture of your skin. Melanotan II is known to be quite effective method to enhance the formation of melanin.

Why to choose Melanotan II?

It presents the best solution to have darker and tanned complexion. It even aids in preventing premature aging symptoms. It is great to stop any infection affecting your skin.

How much dosage of melanotan peptide will be prefect to experience the desired result?

The dosage level totally depends upon the type of skin you possess, your medical history and age. Thus, first you must know the categories grouped for skin to decide the right dosage.

The division of group and the required dosages are as follows:

  • Fair skin: Generally, 50 to 60 mg per day is prescribed if the skin has never tanned even if it has been exposed to direct sun rays for a long time.
  • Fair skin which tans a little: You can have 30 to 40 mg of dosage per day. It will be best to take in the lower amount and observe the result before you increase the dosage level.
  • Medium fair skin: This kind of skin can easily have burning sensation, if exposed to sun, thus you can have lower doses like 20mg.

Daily dosage is beneficial for reducing fatty tissues as well as to enhance your libido to rectify issues regarding erectile dysfunction.

Over dosage may result in frequent headaches, dizziness, nausea and even appearing of white patches on the injected skin part. Thus, have the dosage in required level and observe the benefits of having melanotan peptide.