Where to Find Beautiful Matching Wedding Bands


After becoming engaged, there are so many decisions that you and your spouse need to decide.  One of the biggest decisions involves what style of wedding rings you are going to purchase. While many couples opt for disparate rings, a majority of them prefer matching wedding bands. This might be due to the fact that there is something intrinsically classic and traditional about this style of band.

If you and your spouse have decided on this style, then here are some great options for finding beautiful, matching wedding bands!

Use a Jewelry Retailer

When in search of matching wedding bands, for many couples, the first stop is a large retailer. Be it Kay, Jared, or Tiffany’s, these stores are fully equipped and prepared for all your jewelry needs.

A representative will help you navigate different styles, gem types, metals, and brands. Armed with a fully comprehensive ring knowledge, they will work tirelessly to match you — and your soon-to-be spouse — with the perfect rings!

Stop by your Local Jeweler

For those who want a personally crafted and heartfelt product, a local jeweler can be just the thing. These stores are prepared to deliver the right bands for your needs. With an emphasis on high craftsmanship and unique wares, they will work with you in every way that they can.

Many of these local stores have custom design options, which will allow you to truly create the ring of your dreams.

Check Out Some Online Retailers

If you don’t want to be limited by your jeweler’s inventory, then you might want to expand your search to the internet. There are countless online retailers with great options for matching wedding bands. Just because there is no ‘in-store’ experience, does not mean that you won’t receive a personal and high-quality result.

Online retailers can provide sizing advice, lifetime warranties, and a plethora of differing metals. They can even offer luxury services, like laser engraving! Even more so, all of this can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home!

Use a Wholesaler

If you’re searching for beautiful rings at a competitive price, then a wholesaler is the best way to go. These large stores provide the merchandise to individuals and large retailers alike.

If you use a wholesaler, you can receive a custom experience at the fraction of the estimated cost. This is because these large departments do not have the overhead costs that a retailer does. Thus, you can receive a beautiful and memorable product, while saving yourself some money!

Browse Through Etsy

If you and your spouse want to find memorable wedding bands, then what better place than Etsy? This online store is filled with hundreds of entrepreneurs who are prepared to provide beautifully crafted products.

Etsy has nearly 17,000 matching rings available, with crafters releasing new options nearly every day. If you want your rings to be personally made, beautifully constructed, and entirely your own, then Etsy might be the answer for you!

Don’t Forget the Family

If you truly want a personal ring set, then you might want to consider asking your relatives! There is a high likelihood that there are unused matching bands somewhere within your lineage.

If you inherit these rings, then this option proves to be the most cost efficient! It also is perfect for those who want their rings to have historical significance. So, if you are interested in embracing your own history, then ask your relatives! Who knows? There very well could be an untouched heirloom hiding in storage somewhere.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, you and your spouse have decided to make a commitment to each other. With these rings, and with your vows, you have promised to spend the rest of your life together. Thus, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter where you got your rings from. All that matters are the two hands that are encapsulated by your bands of love.