Where Should Photographer Stand During Wedding Ceremony?

Are you aware of where you are supposed to stand during the wedding ceremony? Well, if it is your dream to be a wedding photographer, this article is for you. Sometimes the wedding space can be a little bit different from the normal space and it will be wise to know where you should be standing during the ceremony in order to take the best photos. In this article we major on where you should be standing so that you don’t make a mistake.


Attend the wedding rehearsals

In most cases, the wedding you are about to go will have a rehearsal before the main day. The couples will be practicing some things and at times perform some rituals in order to be at their best during the wedding ceremony. As a wedding photographer or wedding videographer, it will be wise if you attend the rehearsal so as to understand how the wedding ceremony is likely going to be. 

During the rehearsals, you are going to find the groom and bride moving around the site and you can be able to know how they will be moving during the wedding day too. Attending the rehearsals will also give you a chance to interact with your clients and get to be comfortable with them and they get used to you too. If the wedding rehearsal is being held where the wedding will be held, you will get to mark the best positions for the best photos. 

Ask where to and where not to 

It is possible that the couple has seen some poses from the internet or from photos of their friends and they want to pose like that in their photos. Such positions will require you to stand in specific positions in order to capture the best photos. However, you need to be sure that you will not cause any disruption during the wedding ceremony. Attending the rehearsals will give you a chance to sort out the positions with the couple which will make you even more confident during the wedding day. 

Avail yourself on the venue

If possible, try to visit the wedding venue before the wedding day separate from the wedding rehearsal. Going to the venue on your own will give you an opportunity to mark down the best positions to take awesome photos for the wedding. Move around the place and list down the places that you can stand during the wedding and where you will be required to add a tripod in order to capture some amazing photos. 

It will be easier to measure the angles on an empty venue. If you wait till the wedding day, you might not be able to capture perfect photos as you will not know the right angles nor will you know where you need to use a tripod. 

Get approval from the officiant

Even if you have attended a couple of weddings you need to understand that weddings can be different based on the rituals that will be performed by the couple. Some weddings will be arranged in churches while others will be arranged in gardens. Either place will require you to collaborate with the pastor, priest or any other officiant. 

Most officiants understand that photography is a major part of the wedding but it will be wise to talk to them and get approval on when you should take pictures and you cannot. You should make sure that your position does not distract the officiant from carrying out his duties. Talking to the officiant in advance is also going to create some sense of understanding between you two and it will also help minimize some minor errors that you would have made if you had not talked to him.

Communicate with the guests

The wedding attendants are a vital part of the wedding photography and talking to them is going to help create a positive environment for the photos. If the guests know and trust you, they will follow your directions during the shoot and it can even help you get more work from them. If you deliver during the wedding, the guests will not hesitate to hire you during their activities as they already know and trust you.

Ask where the couple want you to stand

Well, this is practically the first thing that you should ask the couple as a wedding photographer. The couple is going to direct you on where you should stand but in most cases they are going to leave it to you to decide. If they tell you to choose, the best position will be in front of the congregation so that you can be able to see the couple make an entrance and capture some amazing photos of the couple waiting to walk down the aisle. You will get all the emotions from such photos which is very necessary in making amazing photos.

How about behind the congregation?

Standing behind the congregation can also act as an alternative standing position for the wedding photographer. However, this will only be perfect if there is another photographer. If there is no another photographer, maybe you can consider bringing in a second shooter without necessarily having to raise the charges. Doing it in order to create a better rapport. The photos of the couple walking down the aisle from the back are pretty adorable and your clients are going to love them.

Work unobtrusively as possible

Don’t try to catch the attention of the attendants of the wedding because all you will do is create a negative picture in the minds of the attendants. Some people don’t even really like photos even during the wedding so you should avoid using flash as possible. Just flash during the big moments such as exchange of rings, cutting of the cake, the kiss and when the couple is leaving the venue. Following the tips will make you even a better photographer.