What Are Collagen Peptides and Why Your Skin Needs It?

Peptides mean short-chained amino acids in Biology. Collagen peptides are tiny forms of bioactive collagen that are easily digestible and cold soluble. They are formed when the molecular bonds of collagen strands are broken down.

Collagen peptides exhibit a wide array of benefits some of which greatly impact the skin. They are also referred to as collagen hydrolysate or hydrolyzed collagen. The challenge with choosing collagen is that not all products are the same. According to Keto Vale, you need to choose collagen from cattle, not chicken, for the best quality.

#1. Prevention of stretch marks and cellulites

Cellulite is a common condition in most women and is due to different factors among them being aging, weight loss/gain, hormonal imbalance and pregnancy. Stretch marks are caused when the skin is stretched beyond its ability. The overstretching increases the chances of damage to your skin’s elastic fiber network. Both cellulite and stretch marks results to the skin losing its elasticity and becoming thin.  Collagen peptides reduce the skins appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. They work by boosting the skins natural collagen production and work best when incorporated in a diet as to when it is used in creams.

#2. Boosts wound healing

Collagen peptides are made from collagen which is rich in amino acids known as arginine. This property is excellent at the wound healing process. Collagen peptide supplementation will quicken your skins healing ability and help the skin regain back its natural form. They also play a role in the reduction of inflammation risks that are linked to injuries as well as wounds.

#3. Reduces wrinkles and slows down aging

Most composition of your skin is made up of collagen which declines as you get older and this also causes a decline in skin elasticity, making it look wrinkled and aged. This happens between the ages of 25-30 where the collagen decreases by 1% every year. Hydrolyzed collagen can help restore back that youthful look even after you grow older. Several studies have shown anti-wrinkle effects of collagen peptide supplements. Besides reduction of wrinkles, skin dryness also reduces significantly. The collagen peptides supply the skin with the required collagen and this is what translates to the smooth appearance. They also prevent your skin from cracking.

#4. Prevents skin damage from the sun

The sun has its benefits on your body, but overexposure may be detrimental to the structure of your skin as well as its appearance. Too much exposure to UV rays from the sun decreases the production of antioxidants while increasing malondiaidehyde which causes skin damage. Collagen peptides boosts the function of the antioxidants which are responsible for skin protection. Simultaneously, collagen peptides work to prevent the production of skin-damaging elements.

#5. Treats inflammatory skin conditions

Collagen peptides are packed with amino acids which reduce inflammation. They also heal the lining of the gut, preventing occurrence of conditions such as leaky gut. Unhealthy gut is linked to some of these inflammatory skin conditions like acne and eczema among others. Your skin is a reflection of your health from inside and by preventing inflammation and improving health in the gut, collagen peptides help to heal associated skin conditions.

How to use collagen?

You can add collagen into smoothie, coffee, milkshakes, etc… For example, Vital Proteins’ Collagen Peptides are super soluble and you can basically mix with any type of liquid. For the best result, you should consume it at least 2 months to be able to see the significant improvement on hair, skin and nail.