Acne: Seven Secrets to Clear Skin


Acne is a distressing skin condition caused by blocked pores and bacteria. Hormones and stress can also contribute to it. As hormones surge at puberty, many teens will see acne develop on the face, neck and shoulders. However, acne can be a problem for older adults, too. Whether you’re an adult or a teen the rules on how to fight acne are mostly the same. You must have knowledge and be willing to learn more about acne for your own good. Choosing the best routine, cosmetics and diet is a priority. This article will focus on some natural ways to clear your skin of acne and keep it fresh and clear.

Keep your Hands off your Face

Train yourself to not touch your face unless you are washing it. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Everyone touches their face, eyes, mouth and nose, without realizing it, many times throughout the day. It’s a bad habit that you need to break. Every time you do this, you transfer millions of bacteria from your hands and fingers to your face. Bacteria can lead to acne breakouts. Make a deliberate effort to train yourself to keep your hands off your facial area at all times during the day. Don’t let others touch your face, either.

Makeup Applicators

If you use foundation, be sure to use disposable sponges to apply it. Freshly washed fingers are fine, too. Use disposable utensils to apply blusher and eye shadow. Bacteria thrive on reusable makeup brushes and sponges.

Skin Cleansers

To clean your skin, use gentle products. Harsh chemicals can overdry the skin, creating flakes which can clog the pores and actually contribute to acne. Strong cleansers can actually cause your skin to produce even more oil, because the skin reacts to overdrying by making more oil to compensate. Look for products with natural ingredients that are PH balanced and free of sodium laurel sulfate.


No, chocolate won’t directly cause acne. That’s a myth. But a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will help keep your skin clear and glowing. Not only are these foods rich in important skin vitamins and minerals, but they are also high in antioxidants, which help your skin cells fight damage to stay strong and healthy. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Ditch the soda and white sugar, too. Sugar forms compounds that directly damage cells.

Spearmint Tea

Hormones play a role in acne, especially male-related ones called androgens. Remember that even females have some testosterone in their bodies. Spearmint tea may be a delicious way to counteract some of the androgenic effects on your skin. Try it with a touch of honey.


Wild Orange Oil

Wild orange oil is an essential oil derived from a certain type of orange. It has purifying properties. It’s too strong to use alone, so you must dilute it. Get some pure jojoba oil. It’s available in natural food stores and online. It’s great to use for skin because its chemical makeup is very close to that of the skin’s natural oils. It won’t clog pores and it’s a great light moisturizer. Use about 8-10 drops of wild orange oil to every ounce of jojoba oil. Mix well in a small container with a dropper cap. Mix a few drops with your regular moisturizer for a purifying, wonderful and uplifting product. You can get high-quality wild orange essential oil here:



When looking for facial products, be sure to look for the term of noncomedogenic. This means that the product won’t clog pores. Also look for zinc oxide in the ingredient list. Zinc oxide fights acne.

Meditation, yoga and exercise are healthy ways to reduce stress, another contributor to the acne problem. Try the tips above and you may soon see the clear, fresh complexion you yearn to have.

About The Author: Trysh Sutton is a wife, mother, attorney, interior decorator, strategic leader and owner of Pure Path Essential Oils. She has an eye for business, innovation and perfection – and a desire to help her family, her friends and herself live a healthy and happy life.