How to Wear Body Shaping Undergarments

Every woman finds that one outfit at some point in her life where she wishes she could change just a little something about her body so the outfit looked its best. Every woman is different, and so different outfits will look different on every woman. When you need a little extra help filling out or slimming down certain areas, body shaping undergarments like those from Classic Shapewear are there to help. Wearing shaping undergarments is slightly different than wearing your typical underwear. Many women easily get frustrated with shaping undergarments because they misunderstand how to use them. Here are tips for properly wearing Classic Shapewear undergarments.


Learn How to Put Them On Correctly


Almost all body shaping garments are designed to be stepped into and pulled up over your body. Even full-body slips are to be stepped into, then pulled up over the torso. The exception to this rule would be bras and certain garments that are designed to be wrapped around the body, like a postpartum girdle. For some types of garments, it is all too easy to get your arm trapped if you attempt to pull it over your head. Take the time to understand how to correctly wear your shaping undergarments. Ultimately, it will mean less frustration for you.


Try It On First


Whether you purchase your undergarments in a store or online, hold onto all of the original packaging and try it on first. Your garment size may differ if you switch brands or companies. You may wear a small at one store and a large at another. Try the garments on and wear an outfit over it to make sure it is what you want. If something is amiss, get a different size. If you order online, make sure you understand the return policy or what to do if something ends up fitting differently than expected.


Understand What Different Shapers Do


If you really want your body to look its best under an outfit, you need to understand what different kinds of shapers do. If you’re trying to boost your bust, you need a bra. If you wish to shape or slim down your tummy, hips, and rear, then you need a shaping garment that focuses on that area. A body suit tends to shape all over, and may or may not have a built-in bra. If only one area of your body is a concern to you, choose a shaping undergarment that will help shape that particular area.


Continue Making Healthy Life Choices


Although Classic Shapewear can help shape your body the way you want, healthy life choices are still the way to go for a permanent body change. Eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise to achieve your ultimate body goals.


Body shaping undergarments are perfect for providing the right lines for a particular outfit. The key to getting the shape that you want is to wear the undergarments properly. Know how to put the garments on and be very selective about what you purchase. Remember that while shaping undergarments are great for a temporary fix, healthy lifestyle choices are best for achieving healthy body goals. Until then, be confident in what you wear with help from the likes of Classic Shapewear.