The 5 Most Important Bridal Accessories

Between shopping for bridesmaid dresses, choosing the entree and finalizing the font on the invitations, weddings are stressful. It’s all about the little details when creating your perfect wedding day. Sure, brides need to run the show and get everyone else in line, but don’t forget to carve out time planning your own look. These five essential accessories may seem simple, but they should all be given the proper amount of time and thought so you’ll look your absolute best on your big day.


Flowers are a beautiful accessory when woven into a bridal updo. To find the perfect blooms, look for cool contrasting colors that will really pop against your hair color. FTD’s orange and pink Flowers ‘n’ Frills hair decor looks great on a brunette, while purples and blues stand out on blondes. Also consider the season of your nuptials. Getting married in the summer? Go for hardy flowers such as succulents, sunflowers or hydrangeas. If you’re a winter bride, try calla lilies, tuberoses or roses. The perfect flowers will make a romantic and unforgettable addition to your already stunning gown.


These accessories won’t necessarily be seen, but you’ll absolutely want to ensure they’re a good match. If you’re wearing Spanx, make sure they aren’t noticeably cutting into your torso. The Spanx should enhance your figure and you want to be as comfortable as possible. Is your gown so sheer that you actually need a full slip? Consider all your options and have backup undergarments just in case. You can’t walk down the aisle with anything showing.


Don’t let your shoes make or break your wedding day. Your perfect shoe should match your personality and your dress, but most of all they should be comfortable. Make sure to test drive any possible shoes before committing. These babies have to last through the ceremony, photo sessions and reception. First, pick the fabric; common choices include raw silk, crepe or satin. Second, pick the color. This is the best opportunity to let your personality shine. You can choose something identical to your dress or go wild with color, beads, sequins or other embellishments.


A veil is the finishing touch to your entire wedding ensemble. Wedding Channel suggests picking something that best flatters your face and gown. It should also coordinate with the length of your dress—the shorter the dress, the shorter the veil. A blusher is ideally paired with a simple or short dress, and a chapel-length veil is best paired with a more elaborate, formal gown. Don’t forget to also consider your hairstyle when choosing a veil. Removing your veil for the reception? Ask the salon to make the piece easily removable with snaps so it doesn’t wreck your intricate updo.


If you thought finding the dress was fun, wait until you uncover all the treasures and options for baubles and bling. Avoid making the common mistake of overdoing your jewelry though, says The Knot. Your dress should steal the show. First, lets start with the shade of white you’re wearing. A bright white gown calls for platinum, silver or pearls. A light peachy or pinkish dress screams rose gold or silver—heck, you can even mix metals for a modern take. Ivory gowns look best when paired with gold to highlight the creamy tint of the fabric. You should also go with the neckline of your dress to make sure the jewelry doesn’t clash. When in doubt, stick with the basics you love. Less is more and you should always be yourself.