Watches are a symbol of pride on hand that no one can deny

Pride and status symbols are worn on the body. The first things that you notice on a stranger are the shoes and watch worn by them. Based on these you can generally state where they belong. The souls of a person are worn on these materials as per some studies. Based on how well you polish your shoes and what kind of watch you wear a total stranger can analyze you. So as such conditions exist is it not essential that you keep yourself updated on these items? The watch is not just an item where you check the time anymore. It is a status quo. Hence the watch you wear can be easily judged by another person. So when you are going to meet an important client, the watch you wear can even decide the business you get. The Luminox 1949 Men’s watch is the ideal watch you can dream of.  

Features of the watch:

This is made in premium brown leather strap. The black dial with light brown inscriptions is designed to be easy on eyes and easy to use model. The various function pushers attached on the side are designed with the best state of the art technology and the accurate in nature. The watch can resist 100m depth resistance in water. Hence the watch is also water proof. This is a chick and stylish model easily fitting the new world population. This is a casual model watch that can be worn for easy situations. The watch has a feature for setting alarms, can be used as a stop watch and even can tell you time on twenty four hour format. The date display on the watch is an added feature giving is the full functionality of a smart phone. The dial is made of sapphire crystals. These ensure that the dial is scratch proof hence offers much better durability than the ones available in market currently. Also the name Luminox is synonym to standard and royal. To ensure that the watch is accurate to millisecond limits is the Ronda quartz that is Swiss made. Not only is the style features are met also the accuracy of the machine guaranteed. Hence this is a beast to own.

Reason to buy it:

The watch speaks volumes on the standard and the style the owner owns. The watch has a durable setting with awesome features with high end technology to power the accuracy. So, please visit My Gift Stop.