What Not to Wear: Fashion Tips While on the Ice

Figure skating is a widely known sport where ice skaters wear beautiful, bedazzling and sometimes over the top costumes to make their skating come to life. If you are a beginner and ice skating with your family, friends or as a couple, a beautiful dress and tights unfortunately is not ideal. Ice skating is a sport and covering yourself up can ensure you won’t be injured. Dress to impress but ensure you follow these tips to keep yourself safe on the ice too.

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Never wear shorts whilst on the ice. Not only will it be freezing, even if you are going skating during the summer do not underestimate the coldness of the rink, but you are also leaving your legs open to damage if you fall. Cover those legs to ensure you do not come out of the rink with friction burns, cuts or worse.


This is very much the same as shorts. Dresses do not have to be completely off the table but you should team your dress up with a beautiful pair of fleecy leggings. You may just want to bring some to wear for the rink and take them off afterwards, this is fine as long as those pins are covered whilst you are on the ice. The more layers the better, as you begin to skate and warm up you can always take a layer off.

Tight Pants

You may want to wear those figure hugging jeans to impress your date, but now is not the time. Tight pants will restrict your movement and make skating incredibly hard for yourself. They may also stop you from being able to catch your balance making you more likely to fall. Impress with your ice skating skills rather than your tight pants. Remember, ice skating is meant to be fun and give you a sense of freedom! Yoga pants are fine as they still give flexibility and allow a range of movement.

Thick Socks

You may think that you should wear thick socks to keep those toes warm when ice skating, but having socks that are too thick can hinder how your skates fit. If socks are too thick it can affect the support that your skates can give you. If you are practicing ice skating as a sport, finding the right skates can mean everything. Riedell womens figure skates have been trusted by professionals for generations.

Hair Down

Now is not the time to try out your new straighteners. Ice skating is safest with your hair up however you feel comfortable. The last thing you want when you fall is someone else skating past and giving you a new haircut! Gloves can also help protect your hands if you do fall.

When on the ice, safety is paramount. Wearing the right clothes can keep you safe and warm and ensure you have a great time on the ice. Dress comfortably and enjoy your time gliding on the ice.