Trendy and Respectful – Building a Restaurant Uniform

If you’re in the restaurant industry, you know how important a uniform can be. It distinguishes your staff from the customers. It also gives off the team vibe as everyone is dressed the same.

But uniforms don’t have to be boring. Having a solid outfit that your staff enjoys wearing will make life a lot easier as you run your business. So provide your restaurant with a comfortable yet stylish uniform that customers will enjoy seeing.

Why Wear a Uniform?

One of the main (and probably most obvious) reasons for your restaurant staff to wear a uniform is for the customers. It can be frustrating if a customer can’t distinguish the waiting staff from the clientele.

It also creates a brand. Your staff is representing your company as they walk around the room. Be proud of the company you have built and have your team represent it positively. A tasteful uniform will help achieve that.

Determine What Type of Uniform You Need

Uniforms will differ depending on the staff and their roles. You won’t necessarily have a female bartender wearing the same outfit as a male host. So be mindful of who will be wearing the uniform:

  • Bartenders
  • Waiters/Waitresses
  • Maître d
  • Managers
  • Line Cook
  • Head Chef

Although not necessary, you can have fun with different uniforms for different roles within the restaurant. Decide if you want to have one uniform for every position or different ones according to placement within the restaurant.

What’s the Purpose of the Uniform?

Once you determine the different positions within the restaurant that will require a uniform, decide what the purpose is behind it. Is it just for looks or does it provide safety to the staff?

Kitchen staff will wear a more heavy duty uniform to protect them from the elements of the kitchen. Bartenders are publicly mixing drinks and will tend with liquids splashing everywhere. A uniform specific to a bartender could help keep them clean and dry (and not wreck the bartenders own clothes).

Find Something Appropriate

Restaurants have customers of all ages, so a uniform that is appropriate is a must. The last thing you want is a customer offended by what your staff is wearing.

That is why assigning a uniform is also beneficial to your business. You will determine what the staff will wear, making sure it as suitable for every customer to see.

Wear Something That’s Usable

You want your staff to look stylish, feel good and be presentable. That is not always easy in a uniform. Your team needs an outfit that can keep up with the fast-pace life in the restaurant.

Luckily Chef Works has a whole line dedicated to restaurant uniforms and accessories. From shirts and pants to aprons and hats, you’ll be able to dress your entire staff in something that not only is stylish, but functional as well.

So have some fun with your restaurant staff and how they dress. Have a uniform that protects the team, develops the restaurants brand, all while being stylish enough that it is enjoyable to wear.