Top Floral Kurti Designs to Welcome Spring In 2021


It’s not been long into 2021, and everyone is eagerly awaiting months of beauty and liveliness, that is to say, the days of the spring. With the buds blooming bliss into our lives and melodious perching resonating nature, there can be no time more perfect for getting your hands on those floral kurti designs you have wanted to doll up in all winter.

Available in incredible diversity, floral kurtis for girls and women pose no reason not to steal one’s hearts. Whether it’s the wearer or the spectator, the print’s appeal leaves a refreshing vibe in the air and resets all the negative energies. 

If you’re already bracing yourself for the season by loading the latest floral patterned kurtis in your wardrobe, you have opened the right doors. This article brings you the most sorted list of kurtas in various designs and cuts that you need to add to your spring collection.

Flared Maxi Kurtas

It’s time we start empowering kurtas as sole dresses instead of making them the better-half of the lowers. There are already plenty of maxi-styled kurtas in the market, and with a touch of petals and flowers on them, they could transform into stunning dresses, fit for every occasion. 

For example, imagine plain mustard coloured maxi dress, with a slight flare starting from the waist and running along the length. Embellished by Fleur-de-lis (three-petal lily motif) in cousin shades of the background, by adding a statement sleeve, like a contrasting circular flounce, you can shower in elegance and charisma.

Floral Slit Kurta

Another designer latest kurti that you can either get stitched from scratch or easily find in the market without much of a hassle is that of a floral front-slit floor-length kurta. 

Beginning with a rounded sunburst neckline, a deeply pleated waistline continuing up till the ankle can help create a more graceful silhouette. With of course a V-shaped slit in the lower-front that divides the fabric down into two, thereby highlighting the matching churidars or your cigarette pants, if rooting for a more classy look.

Abstract or Geometric floral motifs can be an excellent choice to go with, weaving concepts of varying perception, illusions and symmetry delicately into a single fabric.

The Pastel Colour-Pop

Pastel shades have recently gained immense appreciation for their ability to deliver subtleness immaculately balanced with boldness, creating an unparalleled combination when opposite shades are put in contrast. Instead of blinding eyes with harsh tones, more women prefer to side with sweet glory delineated by the pastel shades.

Getting yourself an emerald coloured kurta with retro floral motifs, paired with Pakistani pants or palazzos; the pattern and lower both in white shades can be an excellent choice.

Classic Lucknowi Chikankari Kurta

How can we forget one of India’s most well-known embroidery works- the Lucknowi chikankari? Believed to be introduced by the Mughals, it is undoubtedly a magnificent traditional art-form, making the clothing princess by adding a tone of luxuriousness and unrivalled beauty.

White-on-white chikankari is the most famous of all. There goes a white muslin as the main fabric onto which same coloured floral motifs are embroidered manually in this type of clothing. The result is a neat, meticulous and spectacular outfit, highly suitable for festivities and grand occasions in the spring.


Besides floral motifs, it is imperative to pay attention to the colour-pop and contrasts and fabric used for the outfit. Going all black or marron can be loud and overwhelming for the spring season, hence prefer selecting lighter shades that reflect cheerfulness in the atmosphere. Fabrics shouldn’t be heavier or too furry. Go for the breezy or slightly diaphanous ones, that aren’t irritating to your skin and do not hide your glow.