Discover Top Quality Sustainable and Ethical Cashmere Brands for Adding Cozy Luxury to Your Wardrobe

Do you know what the best part of the winter season is? For most people, it’s winter clothing. The feeling of wearing warm and cozy sweaters made of soft wool is unmatchable. And what’s better than having a hot cup of coffee, wearing your favorite cashmere sweater while enjoying the beautiful white scenery around you?

A little luxury never hurts, so now is the time to invest in some luxury clothing lines to make you stand apart from the crowd. Cashmere has always been on the top when it comes to adding some luxury to your closet. Cashmere is a fiber loved for its comfort, softness and durability. Before you start buying cashmere clothing, it is essential to make sure that the brands you purchase from, are eco-friendly and use ethical production methods. Many women may find it hard to search for sustainable cashmere brands that offer high-quality luxury clothing, so here is an insight into the best sustainable and ethical clothing brands that produce high-quality cashmere products.

Pura Cashmere

At the top of our list is Pura Cashmere’s ethical and sustainable cashmere. One of the best quality cashmere that you are ever going to buy is at Pura Cashmere. The reason we are recommending this brand is because of its ethical cashmere clothing.

By offering 100% pure cashmere sweaters and more to its customers, the brand creates styles that are comfortable, stylish and unique. You can easily pair up the sweaters with jeans and trousers and slay the look with long boots. Before you purchase luxury clothing, you must be fully aware of the fabric used, manufacturing practices and durability. At Pura Cashmere, you get all the knowledge about ethical cashmere production and how they put their best foot forward to prevent any harm to the environment. 

Pura Cashmere sources its materials from Inner Mongolia that is some of the finest ethical cashmere offering enhanced softness and durability. With impeccable craftsmanship, Pura Cashmere is focused on being one of the most sustainable and ethical clothing brands in the market by providing full traceability and transparency of its sustainable cashmere. The brand is committed to the ethical treatment of all animals and their herders.


This sustainable cashmere brand has its roots in London. Mandkhai resorts to using only the most environmentally safe techniques that produce minimum waste. What stands this brand apart is its women-empowered work culture that hires women in the factories also. The luxury clothing offered by this brand is created from all-natural dyes that are durable and stylish.


One of the most sustainable cashmere brands that offer high-quality cashmere products is Whistles. This brand is known for its unique ways to prevent any damage to the environment. The cozy winter collection is created from post-factory waste. The new cashmere collection of Whistles uses Re.Verso yarn, which is a regenerated Italian cashmere yarn. Its high-quality luxury clothing is a must-buy for anyone looking to try out luxury cashmere clothes.    

If you’re willing to invest in some sustainable and ethical cashmere brands, then the above mentioned brands are a must-buy because of their durability and high-quality products which you may not find anywhere else.