Top 5 Shoes for The Run Up To Spring/Summer  

The Spring/Summer season is right around the corner and just like any other season, new trends are expected. This year, clothing brands and fashion designers are highlighting the need for comfortable and durable footwear that can be used in a variety of ways during the season. Most of us will engage in fun activities over the summer, like visiting beaches and going off to exciting destinations, which is why the need for comfortable footwear is on the rise this season.

There are other trends that might suit your discerning taste. Here are top five shoes for the run up to the upcoming season:

For the girl on the run

Jogging is always good cardio and we highly recommend getting something from the Nike Free line. The outsole configuration allows you to get more freedom of motion, maintaining the highest level of comfort even if you’re running through the toughest roads. The Free line of Flyknit also includes an upper that is constructed that allows it to be less compressed than the previous design.

For the casual stroll enthusiast

Believe it or not, white Birkenstocks are definitely in this season. The company is known for the ultra-comfortable and durable slippers that has remained popular throughout the years. Go out for a summer rendezvous with the one you love and never have to worry about getting your toes cramped by a tight shoe. Release your toes out into the wild by wearing a pair of Birks, just don’t forget to have your mani and pedi done before you expose your feet.

For the heel fanatic

Heels will never go out of style this season, and we recommend getting something Avant garde and dark to create a stark contrast from the bright and sunny disposition of the summer season. Alexander McQueen debuted a pair of stunning strap-style gladiator boots that featured a reverse heel. Traditional heels are placed at well, the hells, but leave it to McQueen to think of something crazy as putting the heels right in the toes.

For the sneakhead

The most awaited sneaker of the year is finally out when Kanye West revealed the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost kicks at a high profile event during the 2015 New York Fashion Week. While fans of this year’s most coveted sneaker would have to wait until the end of February to cop a pair of these bad boys, some lucky fans already have their Yeezys delivered straight to them by the man himself.

For the comfort seeker

Flats are your best friend if you’re looking for something that’s flexible and comfortable. You can find inexpensive flats from major retailers like H&M and Aldo, and usually these flats are made from materials that allows your feet to breathe while you’re walking through the summer heat. You can also buy shoes online if you are looking for a more convenient way to go shopping. Always find something that suits your style and try to choose a more expensive brand than a cheap one. If you are looking for the most comfortable flats, better be prepared to shell out some cash because high quality materials means expensive.