These Mistakes Could Ruin Your Eyelashes Permanently Over Time

Anyone can buy makeup, but applying it properly is not as easy as most people initially think it is. In fact, a huge number of people end up catching infections and damaging their skin because they don’t know the basics of makeup safety. As eyelashes are one of the most common places where we apply makeup, and because it involves the most sensitive organ on our face, the eyes, here are some of the mistakes that everyone should always avoid making.


Sleeping with Mascara

Sleeping with the makeup on is always a very bad idea, under any circumstances. Primarily, mascara is used to volumize the eyelashes, and in the process of doing so, mascara also makes all the lashes very stiff. As rigid lashes are prone to breaking, sleeping with your mascara on will inevitably result in at least some of the lashes breaking, as they get crushed in between the pillow and your eyes when you go to bed for the night. In fact, this is the least of your worries because sleeping with your mascara on can also cause eyelash infection and corneal abrasion. The fine particles in the mascara will rub against your cornea throughout the night as you sleep, scratching your corneas inside and leading to infections, swelling, pain, redness, irritation, blurry vision, etc.

Using Cheap, Shady Products

Always use tested, approved and branded makeup, especially when it comes to mascara, eyelash extensions, adhesives, removers, eyeliners and everything else that we apply on or near our eyes. This will help to prevent an eyelash infection, inflammation, pain, irritation and allergic reactions. The place from where you buy the product is also as important as the manufacturer’s name. Fakes are almost impossible to distinguish from the originals these days and it isn’t uncommon for shady sellers to trade in expired products by putting a false expiry date on them. The rule of thumb is that if it’s too cheap to be real, it isn’t!

Holding on to Your Mascara for Too long

Even when you have the original product with the right expiry date, it is important to understand that the expiry dates do not apply once you have opened the seal. Any mascara that has been opened and used will likely have bacteria in it already as it is an organic product. Use up or throw away your mascara within 2 – 3 months, irrespective of the brand, price or quality of the product. The same advice goes for eyeliners, foundations, and all other organic makeup as well. If you don’t heed the warning, your eyelashes will lose their natural volume and you could even end up with a permanent infection.

Pulling Off the False Lashes

Applying lash extensions is tough work on your own, but it is worse when you pull them out after the party, as this is when the most amount of damage is done to your natural lashes. While the extensions might be fake, the eyelashes they are attached to are not; a fact that we often forget in the rush to get our makeup off after a tiring party. If you are ripping off the falsies, rest assured that a number of your natural lashes are also coming off with the extensions, probably along with the roots as well! To prevent this, always use a cleanser dipped Q-tip to loosen the adhesive’s grip first, before pulling gently from the middle.

Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is coming back into fashion again but if you value your eyes and natural lashes, it may not be the best procedure to opt for. p-Phenylenediamine and formaldehyde are common ingredients found in the dyes used for the tinting (and in all hair colors in general); both of which has been previously associated with complete and permanent loss of lashes, alongside severe eye damage in some rare instances. If you must tint your eyelashes, keep sessions to a minimum.


Buying Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is great for those long days, particularly when you have plans to get into the pool at some point. However, once you get home and all you want to do is take off the mascara and go to sleep, it can become a daunting job to remove it. The same waterproofing that makes it so desirable also makes it extremely hard to remove it from your eyelashes at the end of the day. The excess force required for scrubbing waterproof mascara off leads to abrasion and breakage of the lashes. To prevent this from happening, buy a product that clearly states how to remove it from your eyes.

As a bonus tip, remember not to share your mascara with anyone because it’s just very unhygienic, not to mention, the additional accumulation of bacteria from the other person will make the product go bad much faster.