How Can You Wear Your Favorite Stilettos Without Pain?

For most women out there, wearing high heels is not a pleasure. Even so, there are moments when wearing lovely stilettos is very appealing. If it hurts, you are not going to have a great day. Obviously, you can wear any of the 76 shoe types but if stilettos are the choice, you do want to know how to deal with the pain.

The big problem with high heels is often that they are incorrectly worn. Since you do not want to end up with possible tearing and too much pain, here are some simple tips that are surely going to help you out.

Get The Right Shoe Size

By far, this is the most common mistake made by women. They are drawn in by how a pair looks and just buy it. Every single shoe has to fit in order for the wearer to feel comfortable. Space has to be present between shoe end and the longest toe. It is a great idea to buy when feet are swollen, which is normally at the end of a day. At the same time, you never want to forget about foot width. Cramming the foot into a shoe that is too narrow should never happen. A failure to take this into account can lead to hammertoes, neuromas and bunions.

Break In The Shoes

One of the simplest things you can do is to break the shoes in at home before you are going out. Do wear some socks for some hours or use some shoe stretchers. If there is a problem with the shoes, you will notice it and you do not have to go through a long day of wearing stilettos that you might have incorrectly chosen.

Leather Is Better

As you buy high heels, be sure you look at materials. The shoes that are made out materials that can stretch are highly preferred. This is why it is always recommended that you choose leather shoes instead of synthetic materials.

In-Sole Cushions

A really good high heel shoe insole is under $10. This is an investment you may want to seriously consider. As you walk in high heels you are going to feel more pain if you do not have a properly-cushioned sole. Adding an in-sole cushion will help absorb shocks felt in ball areas while offering some extra comfort. The in-sole cushions are normally made out of memory foam or special latex foam. Memory foam is preferred. If you do not have such cushions, simply go online and buy a pair.

Shave Down Heels

Do you have a pair of stilettos that you absolutely love but that are so painful that you rarely wear? If this is the case, how about having your heels shaved down? Any shoe repair store can get this done. Normally, all that you need is to shave off under 1 inch and shoe integrity remains intact. Such a small amount can make a huge difference in the comfort you feel as you wear your stilettos.