Teen Girls and Fashion

You will often find girls wearing revealing clothes from a very young age. For this reason, you find that numerous fights happen between parents and daughters over what is appropriate and what is not. The main reason why teenage girls wear revealing clothes is because they are exposed to a huge explosion of sexual imagery on TV, in movies and on the internet. These days you will find provocative clothing being sold to an ever-younger audience. The bombardment with sexual imagery has caused teenage girls to adopt some not­so­pleasant styles.

Saturation with such imagery has led teenage girls to believe, from a very young age, that in order for them to be attractive, they have to dress in a particular way. Since every girl would love to look pretty (well, most of them do), they buy into the whole idea of how they need to dress to be attractive. What they don’t realize is that there’s a huge difference in being pretty and being provocative.

How can parents help and support their teenage girls?

A parents discomfort over their daughter’s choice of clothes is very normal. This is because they are worried about exploitation and sexual predation. Parents play a major role in ensuring that the pressure around the teenager does not negatively impact their kids. They can do this by:

  1. Parents should make sure that they have a say in the kind of clothes that their kids buy. Whenever possible, they should accompany their teenage girls to the shops where they sell teenage girls clothing.

When you go shopping with your daughter, there are several factors that you need to put in consideration such as:

  • Price. Teach your teenage girl the value of money and help her choose stylish outfits that make her look good and still fit in the family’s budget. Whenever possible, look for sale or shop at discounted stores.
  • Needs/Wants. Only shop for what she needs. It doesn’t make sense to buy clothes that will only be worn once and stuffed in her closet. Not only does this waste your money but it’s also a recipe for clutter.
  • Her Personal taste. Find out what kind of clothes your daughter likes and get them for her. Let your daughter guide you through this part.
  • Current Trends. Before you go shopping with your teenage daughter, carry out some research to find out what clothes are in style.
  1. The parents should set healthy boundaries and stick to them. Set limits will help keep the teenager in check in case they choose something that’s inappropriate, too expensive or too revealing.
  2. The parents should be free with their teenage girls and talk about how the media tries to manipulate them. They should advise them on what to do to overcome the influence brought about by the media advertising.
  3. The parents should help their daughters find other ways to express themselves. Usually, teenagers use fashion as a cry for attention. Pay attention and take time to connect with them. Find out what might be prompting the extreme behavior.

How to Create the Perfect Wardrobe for Teenage Girls

For starters, clear out the clutter from your wardrobe. Get rid of clothes that do not fit you anymore along with those that are ripped or have holes in them. Same applies to the shoes as well. Fold and arrange everything that is left very neatly. Give your wardrobe a fresh start.

After you have sorted everything, you might have to go shopping to get new clothes. Here’s a guide to give you a rough idea of what teenage girls should have in their wardrobes:

  • Bottoms

Every teenage girl needs a variety of stylish and versatile bottoms in her closet, ranging from a nice floral skirt for summer to leggings, pants, and shorts.  Get a pair of high­waist and low­rise shorts that you can pair up with a netted stocking underneath.

Skinny and embellished jeans are great options that will make perfect additions to your daughter’s wardrobe. It’s advisable to get regular jeans as well as a unique pair such as bell­bottom jeans. When it comes to jeans, buy dark or medium washed pairs because these tend to be the most versatile.

You should also find some three or four pairs of sweatpants. They could be fancy or just the regular baggy type; that’s up to you. Make sure that they’re good quality and fit well.

  • Tops

Get quality tops that suit your daughter’s style. Get her flowing tops and sweaters in a variety of colors. The ideal number of tops should range from ten to fifteen. The tops should be in different designs. For example, get some tees with graphics, some long and short­sleeved tees.

The basic vest is a must­have in every teenage girl’s wardrobe. It’s preferable that the vest is in plain white or black to make it easy for coordination with other clothes. You can also get her a simple striped top in neutral tones.

While you’re at it, do not forget to get jackets, hoodies and other seasonal wear depending on where you live. You should get more heavy coats if you live in a cold region. The classic blue denim jacket is a common wardrobe staple that can be worn over a dress, a skirt, or even paired with denim pants for a “denim on denim” combo.

  • Dresses

Dresses are super girly and they come in different designs for different occasions. For example, there are casual dresses, semi­formal dresses, party dresses, and official dresses. Dresses can be worn as they are or they can be dressed up with jackets, stockings, and leggings.

Do not forget the little black dress.

Make sure your daughter has at least one or two sundresses in her wardrobe. These are great for summer as they come in a variety of colors and floral prints. If your daughter is short, don’t get her very long dresses, these look better on taller girls.

  • Accessories

Get your daughter some pretty and flattering accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Accessories are meant to accent an outfit and are a girl’s best friend. You can choose between pearl necklaces or faux/ real diamonds.

Scarves are good for the cold season. Get them in bright and cool prints.

A vibrant pair of big chunky sunglasses would be great for summer.