Styling Tips To Transform Formalwear Into Casual Wear

A lot of women spend money on expensive formal attire, which we don’t even wear more than a few times. Before we know it, the style goes out of trend and we end up shoving our fancy dresses and blouses at the back of our closet. How would you like to wear all these formal clothes for casual outings without looking overdressed? Luckily for you, here are a few styling tips to help you dress down your cocktail dresses and office trousers:


  • Dresses with sneakers – Yes, it’s not a fashion faux pas to pair your favorite cocktail dress with casual canvas shoes. In fact, it’s one of the biggest style trends as of now. If you’re working with dresses that seem flashy and have a lot of embellishments, plain white sneakers are the best way to go. Even with basic cocktail dresses, these simple sneakers can help you attain the perfect casual look.Sneakers look great with even the fanciest of dresses. You can also wear them with maxi dresses and tunic dresses. The dress-and-sneaker look gives off an edgy vibe and you can accessorize it to match your personal style.

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  • Blouses with shorts – Worried you’ll never get to wear that expensive silk blouse again? When you don’t often attend formal events, you can always style your fancy blouses with casual shorts. Denims work wonders in creating a laid-back look, while khaki shorts are chic and casual. You could also wear your blouse with leather shorts if you’re going to a party. You can complement the look with sandals or ballerinas for comfort. Otherwise, you could also wear a pair of booties if you’re going for a night out.2
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  • Formal skirt with graphic tee – Skirt trends change every now and then so what you own now might soon go out of fashion. If you want to make the most of a formal skirt that you rarely wear, pair it with a graphic tee. This will add some edgy appeal to a casual look.Style this outfit with the right shoes based on where you’re going or what you’ll be doing. Flats and sandals will look great for a brunch with friends. Maybe you could pair the look with flatform sneakers that offer comfort while you go shopping. If you’re going on a date or a semi-formal event, you could throw on your favorite pair of pumps.

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  • Dress with sweatshirt – One of the easiest ways to dress down a fancy cocktail dress is by throwing on a casual sweatshirt over it. Instead of a sweatshirt, you could go for a lightweight sweater as well. Maybe you own a flashy dress that you’ve worn once and it’s been lying there because there’s no special event to re-wear it. Use this styling tip for that dress and go out for a lunch date or a casual meet-up with friends.Play around with your accessories to add some personality to this look. You could wear a statement necklace or a pair of long earrings. Maybe wear your hair up in a loose bun and wear your most comfortable shoes to complete the casual look.

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  • Tees and formal trousers – Got several pairs of formal trousers from when you used to work a desk job? Now you can wear them for a day out with your friends without looking like you’re heading to a meeting. Style these formal trousers with graphic tees or basic tees to keep it casual. You can wear comfy ballerinas or sandals with this outfit. Make sure you accessorize it with the right bag, so as to avoid channeling the office look.
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  • Blazer with sneakers – With blazers being used as formal attire, it can be easy to look overdressed no matter how you style it. When you want to wear a blazer for a casual look, the best tip is to wear it with sneakers. This creates balance in your look so even if you’re wearing the blazer with a formal blouse, the sneakers will still add a casual vibe. Maybe you could wear them with a pair of relaxed trousers and a t-shirt.6
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    If it’s more your style, you could create a sporty and fun look by wearing a pair of denim shorts. This can be a great look for a shopping spree or a lunch date. You could add some of your favorite accessories like watches and wear an edgy cross-body bag to complete this look.

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Now that you have plenty of options to dress down a formal piece of clothing, you can rethink your entire look for this season. With so many styling choices available it makes you think twice what you can do with clothes that are just lying around. Maybe you could use them to put together a chic look or you can even use them to create a DIY Halloween costume? The possibilities are endless.