Start a Brand-New Fashion Trend

Do you feel the world of fashion has gotten stale? Is searching for fancy tops and elaborate dresses for women an empty, tiresome chore that doesn’t help you find what you are looking for? Well, it may be time to unleash the spirited fashion designer in you. Here are a few ingenious (and free of cost) ways in which you can breathe new life into your wardrobe: 

  • Cut a Pattern that Speaks to You

To start things off, any top, dress, or pair of jeans can be spruced up with a handy pair of scissors. Always wanted a cold shoulder cut-out? Go for it! Think that yellow dress needs a keyhole detail at the back? Sure! Wished for ribbed detail on your trousers? Why not? All you need to do is cut out the portion you wish to remove from your clothes and stitch around it to protect the fabric. That’s it!

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  • Throw in some Sequins

Is it possible to go wrong with sequins? We don’t think so. With sequins, we recommend styling your top before moving on to other pieces of apparel. 

First, you will have to mark the pattern you wish to create with sequins using a felt-tipped pen. Don’t worry, the sequins will cover any ink marks on your top. Next, apply tiny drops of fabric glue using a toothpick on the ink marks. Press the sequins gently into place and voilà! If you’re feeling particularly creative, add in some words for a glittering fashion statement.

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  • Create a Knotty Situation

Take a work shirt and remove a few buttons from the bottom. Then, tie up the unbuttoned section for an enticing country girl crop top. Bonus points for choosing a flannel shirt! Pro tip: Before you remove any buttons, try out this style without buttoning your shirt — this should give you an idea of the final look. 

  • Add a New Dye to a Classic

This is perhaps the oldest trick in the book but with it, virtually any item of clothing can be given a facelift! You will need to pre-wash whatever you want to dye. Then, in a limited quantity of hot water, you may add the fabric dye of your choice. For cotton and linen clothes, around 250 ML of salt should be added. For nylon or silk clothes, we recommend the same quantity of white vinegar. Now, you may dip the pre-washed item of clothing whose colour you wish to change. Fully immerse it in the dye and gently stir. In about thirty minutes, your sprightly new creation should be removed to dry. We recommend air drying for half a day before it is ready to wear.

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Don’t throw away your old favourites. Just give them a new spin and watch them impress your friends and family for years to come!