Sizzle This Summer in These Must-Have Fashion Accessories

As temperatures climb, styling a chic and accessory-rich wardrobe can be challenging. While keeping cool is likely the ultimate goal, no one should have to sacrifice her unique sense of style just because it’s hot. If you’re eager to complement your summer wardrobe with some fashion-forward accessories, we’ve got you covered. Compiled below is a list of accessory must-haves to get you through a hot, trend-filled summer:


With so many different colors, textures and styles, hats are a great way to add some spice to your summer look. Complete your summer outfit with a trendy fedora or a straw panama hat. If you’re headed for the beach, a wider-brimmed, floppy sun hat is more appropriate. Hats are not only popular this summer season, they are also inexpensive and comfortable.


Headbands have made a comeback in recent years, thanks largely to music festival goers. Easy to wear, headbands go with virtually every outfit and provide a chic splash of femininity. Whether your style reflects an earthy vibe or you’re all about glittery and bejeweled options, headbands are a great way to add pizazz without being too flashy. The best part—headbands are easy to DIY.


Eyewear isn’t just a fashionable accessory—it also protects your eyes from harsh UV rays that could damage your vision. To achieve a look that that is both stylish and practical, go for a pair of colorful sunglasses, sleek aviators or a pair of thick metal frames. You could swap your traditional lenses for a polarized pair in your favorite color for a more customized look, or channel your inner Hollywood superstar with a pair of vintage-inspired rounded frames. This retro homage to the silver screen ladies of the 60s and 70s looks great on just about any face shape, but is especially flattering on those with more pointed features.

Chunky Neckwear

Oversized pendants and intricate beaded designs—chunky neckwear takes your summer outfit to the next level. Available in endless colors, textures and designs, you can complement any ensemble. Dress it down for daytime wear or dress it up for a night on the town.

Glamorous Gold

Gold accessories are hot this summer (pun intended). From dainty knuckle rings, watches, studded earrings and bold hammered cuffs, gold goes great with a summer tan, and it works well with just about any color, pattern or texture.

Raw Stones

Amethyst, crystal, turquoise and serpentine are all the rage this season. Strung delicately on a gold or silver chain, these stones are the ideal summer jewelry accessory. Available in an array of colors and textures, raw or semi-precious stones reflect some of the many wonders our planet has to offer.

Photo by Urban via Wikimedia Commons

Two-Toned Footwear

Show off the fashionista you are by sporting a two-toned sandal or wedge. A variation of leather, pleather, straw and espadrille styles offer brown, black or white color combinations that look great. Replace your tired flip-flops for a pair of fashion-forward sandal flats.