Short vs long prom dresses – which is right for you?

The prom is an important date in the school year. It’s the last chance to see many people, even though you may have seen them every day for years. For this reason, it’s important to remember that, while first impressions count, your prom is one of those times where last impressions count even more. 

After all, this is how many people will remember you and you’ll want it to be for all the right reasons. 

Being ready for prom means shopping in advance. You should locate the best prom dresses near me and take the time to try several. It’s possible even when you order online. This will help you find the perfect dress. But, before you start, you need to decide whether to go long or short.

The Long Dress

You’ll have to check the theme for your prom. This may dictate the length of the dress you wear. However, if it doesn’t, you should consider a long dress as it offers a traditional approach to prom and can look stunning.

One of the best things about long prom dresses is that they are great for all body shapes and sizes. Long dresses can be figure-hugging or flowing. They can have open backs, be strapless, mermaid style, or even include ball gowns.

In short, you’ll find it easy to look like a princess and feel like the belle of the ball, regardless of your shape. That makes the long dress a popular choice for many people. It feels more dressed up and boosts confidence levels.

You should also note that a long prom dress is more formal. As proms tend to be considered formal occasions, this is an incentive to invest in a long dress and embrace the opportunity to dress up in a way you don’t often get to.

However, you should note that a long dress can make you warm as proms are generally in the spring as the weather warms up.

Short Dresses

Shorter dresses are now accepted as appropriate attire for prom and many other formal occasions. The key, when choosing a shorter dress is to remember the occasion. Less is definitely more. If you’re going to bring the dress up your legs it’s a good idea to minimize cleavage. It creates balance, mystique, and is appropriate for the occasion. 

A short dress also avoids the concerns regarding you, your friends, or your date stepping on the hem and causing an accident. 

But, perhaps the best reason to wear a short dress is that you can show off your legs. This is particularly useful if you’re shorter as, adding a pair of high-heels, will help to make you look taller. You’ll feel more elegant and this will be reflected in your level of confidence. 

Naturally, you’ll need to feel comfortable and confident in a short dress. If you don’t there is no point in wearing one as you’ll feel uncomfortable throughout your prom. That’s not going to help you create the right memories.