Check Out Five Celebrities Who Rock Lab Grown Diamonds

The presence of celebrity influence is all around us. This is especially the case in certain industries more than it is in others. Fashion and style, for instance, are industries that celebrities most certainly have a major influence in. This is because of a lot of reasons. The fashion and jewelry companies that are looking to make a name for themselves in their own industries want the attention, sponsorship and accreditation that comes from their pieces being flaunted by celebrities. Especially at big events, galas, and public appearances or performances. Not only that, but celebrities are always under the microscope of the consumer and their various audience members. Therefore, when a variety of celebrities all start to buy into the same trend, fashion wise particularly, that trend can suddenly sky-rocket with consumers, too. 

This has been the case, somewhat, with non-mined, lab-grown diamonds. Despite what you may be thinking, there are actually very few differences between lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds. Chemically, structurally, and aesthetically, mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are identical. They both begin their journey as a clump of carbon atoms under an extreme amount of heat and pressure, and they both then bond to create a lattice structure. Even the variance in hue, shape, and size are identical between lab-grown and naturally occurring diamonds and are both graded on the 4C’s and certified.

The main thing that separates mined diamonds from lab-grown diamonds is their price point and their environmental impact. Because there are a finite amount of natural diamonds in the world, and they only develop deep beneath the surface, the act of mining natural diamonds comes at an incredibly high environmental price. Additionally, consumers can avoid supporting the negative labor practices involved in the world of diamond mining. Who are lab-grown diamonds for, though? Who wears them?

The answer is everyone. Even main-stream celebrities are starting to rock the look of lab-grown diamonds.


Rhianna is one of the most influential figures of our generation. There’s almost no arguing that. She has been acclaimed as a world-renown artist, and continues to be a beacon of inspiration for millions of people all across the globe. Her style included. It wasn’t that long ago that Rhianna was seen wearing a pair of lab-made-diamond-earrings when she opened her X Fenty show in New York. The iconic earrings draped down almost to her shoulder, and shined brilliantly in the lights of the stage. The jewelry was almost as much a spectacle as the show itself. 

If looking like Rhinanna is your dream, lab-grown diamond earrings may just be a piece worth adding to your jewelry box. 

Lana Condor

Another celebrity name on the list of those rocking lab-grown diamonds is Lana Condor. Lana Condor has been seen wearing solitaire trillion cut stud earrings featuring VRAI lab-grown diamonds. The earrings compliment her similarly cut diamond ring as well as her silver-sparkly nails. 

This is proof that lab-grown diamonds can be a centerpiece or an accent piece in any outfit.

Kate Mara

Kate Mara is one of the under-appreciated names in Hollywood, despite her presence there for over a decade. But that doesn’t stop her from letting herself shine whenever the spotlight is thrown her way. She shined even more as she sparkled in the lab-grown diamonds she wore at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a name we’ve all known for well over a decade now. This is largely due to her recurring and iconic breakout role as a young child-actress in the Harry Potter franchise. Her role as Hermione Granger would forever set her apart as a legend in the world of film and movie-making. The lab grown diamonds that she’s been rocking lately further speak to her character outside of the silver screen. 

Outside of film, Emma Watson is a major activist for women’s rights, and it shouldn’t be surprising that she would opt for more environmentally friendly lab-grown diamonds in her wardrobe, like this piece she wore at the Vanity Fair afterparty post Oscars

Jennifer Lopez

Finally, an icon of Hollywood whose name is almost synonymous with fame. Jennifer Lopez, while recently getting re-engaged to Ben Affleck after a 20 year holding period, absolutely slayed the lab grown diamonds she wore to Global Citizen Vax Live.

In fact, her entire outfit was on point at that event. 

Some Final Thoughts on Lab-Grown Diamonds

Whether you’re doing it for your budget, or you’re doing it for the environment, choosing a lab-grown diamond for your jewelry, engagement ring, or anything else is becoming the popular choice among celebrities and regular consumers alike.