The skin aging process is often noticeable on the face. What many fail to acknowledge early on is  that skin wrinkling, age spots, and saggy skin also happen to the neck and chest areas. The earlier you start coming across neck creams and use one that perfectly complements your aging skin, the better your skin will be able to cope with signs of wear and tear in the coming decades. So, which neck cream gives the best bang for your buck? Time to check out  Revivatone reviews.


How Can Revivatone Help You Overcome Skin Aging?

Revivatone is a neck firming cream from Solvaderm, the skincare brand that offers “scientifically advanced —  professional strength formulas”. This anti-aging neck cream has been formulated to complement the specific care required by your neck skin. Revivatone reviews particularly hail this product’s well-formulated composition for delivering the following anti-aging benefits for your neck skin:

  • Moisturize and Plump. Revivatone versus nectifim shows that this product delivers a more powerful combination of skin hydrators, moisturizers, and emollients. Led by hyaluronic acid, glycerin and squalane, this cream’s formula not only instantly floods your skin with moisture, it also helps lock in moisture and keep it  coming over a longer period of time. As moisture levels dramatically increase, your skin fills up, appears plumper, fuller, and dewier.
  • Wrinkle-Filling Effect. Revivatone instantly fills in your wrinkles and causes a smoothening effect that lasts longer than most other neck creams. Peptides infused in the formula have the potential of delivering buildable improvements to your aging neck skin, most especially in preventing the manifestation of premature signs of skin aging. The overall result is softened and smoothened appearance of neck skin.
  • Lifting-Effect on Saggy Skin. As your skin fills up with moisture, Revivatone also benefits your neck skin. Peptides infused in this cream, combined with moisture-giving ingredients may potentially help speed up your skin’s recovery from the impact of decades of skin damage, including damage sustained from excessive sun exposure. Enhanced skin nourishment helps enhance your skin’s natural mechanisms for repair and regeneration which, in turn, improves how your neck skin copes with elements that damage and age your skin.

How Does Revivatone Work?

Solvaderm Revivatone delivers the benefits enumerated in the previous section in three ways, as follows:

  • First, Revivatone delivers moisture-enhancing ingredients to your skin. These ingredients moisturize your skin at various layers, causing your skin to become better hydrated inside and out.
  • Second, Revivatone delivers peptides, small chains of amino acids, that have a huge potential of improving the quality of your skin. Revivatone reviews by users confirm how regular and consistent use of this neck cream results to visible enhancements to aging neck skin — that includes smoothening of fine lines and wrinkles, lifting the appearance of saggy skin, and promoting the dewiness of skin.
  • Third, the peptides infused in Revivatone also supports the skin’s natural mechanisms for repairing and rejuvenating skin. This could potentially result to speedier repairs on the skin’s matrix. On the surface, your skin appears consistently plump, giving your aging neck skin a more appealing and more youthful overall appearance.

What Make Revivatone Special?

In sum, what differentiates Revivatone from other neck creams is what it is made up of. Revivatone, made in the USA, prides itself for its unique offering, with a formula that consists of the following key ingredients:

  • Hexapeptide-10. These amino acids help reduce the signs of skin aging by working closely with your skin’s natural mechanisms for renewal and regeneration. It helps penetrate your skin and deliver beneficial effects in the deeper layers of your skin.
  • Acetyl Dipeptide-13.  It helps enhance the natural mechanisms of your skin that are involved in collagen production. As a result, it can potentially help transform your saggy neck skin to take on a tauter, firmer, and tighter appearance.
  • Hyaluronic Acid. This ingredient helps make up for the significantly lower levels of hyaluronic acid (HA) produced by your skin — a condition that naturally develops with advanced aging. HA significantly boosts your skin’s healthy appearance by improving hydration levels on skin contact, with the capability of drawing in more moisture to keep your skin plump and dewy longer.
  • Glycerin. This ingredient supports the hyper moisturization of your skin. It has also been shown to help improve your skin’s moisture levels across a prolonged period of time.
  • Squalane. Revivatone reviews often praise this neck cream for delivering moisture-enhancing effects without leaving the skin greasy. This ingredient helps deliver these benefits.

Revivatone Neck Cream: Does It Really Work?

In all honesty, not very many neck creams out there can deliver the treatment your neck skin needs to help fight the signs of damage and aging. There is even less products out there capable of supporting skin mechanisms that can help correct the appearance of skin imperfections brought about by years of damage as well as senescence. The ingredients that make up Revivatone’s formula help this neck cream deliver these functions and more.

Other than this product’s excellently thought out formulation, Solvaderm also makes this product available with a money back guarantee which permits you to return the product for refund. This arrangement allows you to try this product at minimal risk, just to see how it works on your skin. Many reviews by users and experts alike help establish the efficacy and efficiency of this product in reviving aging neck skin, as well as in helping prevent further damage and escalation of the same to visible signs of aging skin.

Other facts about Revivatone that you must know:

  • Revivatone is absolutely safe for your skin and for your body. The formula has been tested for safety and efficacy.
  • Revivatone is suited for use on mature and aging skin. However, younger adults may also use this product to help prevent neck skin damage and aging.
  • Revivatone will show results in as short as 2 weeks and up to 12 weeks of regular use and consistent application. Visible improvements last for as long as you use Solvaderm Revivatone regularly. Discontinuing product use will likely result to loss of the youthfulness in the appearance of neck skin gained from regular product application.


Revivatone reviews help prove the efficacy of this neck cream in delivering anti-aging effects on the appearance of mature and aging skin. The key ingredients in its formula have been tried and tested to help delay the appearance of visible signs of damage and aging. However, product use must be regular and consistent to make its positive impact on your neck skin last for a very long time.