Why Do Patients Turn to Body Contouring Surgery?

Under the heading of plastic surgery, there are many body-contouring procedures that can help patients reshape and improve the appearance of their bodies. There are body-centric surgeries for arms, legs, abdomens, buttocks, and more. Body contouring allows a patient to get the body he or she has always wanted, have a second chance to achieve a certain look, and resolve your own problems with specific areas of your body. Patients like you might seek body contouring surgeries for a wide range of reasons.

Pregnancy Has Changed Your Body                                                                     It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’ve had one child or five, pregnancy will change a woman’s body. The physical experience can be a challenge for the body, from stretching ligaments to weight gain to loose and sagging skin. In many cases, getting back to pre-pregnancy weight isn’t enough to look and feel the way you used to before childbirth. Body contouring procedures are designed to help in situations like this. Moms can benefit from a package of surgeries called a Mommy Makeover, which might include a tummy tuck, breast surgery, liposuction, and even a gluteal augmentation. Every Mommy Makeover can be tailored to meet the patient’s needs to achieve her optimum results.

The Gym Isn’t Delivering Results Anymore
When you started your gym membership, your results were probably more evident with every workout. Running, lifting, boxing, or whatever activity you enjoy, all can help you to get fit and reshape your body’s natural shape. Unfortunately, even the most intense forms of exercise, even when paired with a healthy eating plan, will have limits to the results they can deliver. Especially as we age, it becomes harder for the body to eliminate those unwanted pockets of fat around the hips, thighs, and just about anywhere. If those hours at the gym can’t sculpt you just the way you want, it might be time to consult with a plastic surgeon about procedures like a tummy tuck to tone and trim that midsection.

None of Your Clothing Fits Your Body
During your lifetime, your body will change in many ways. Pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss, and even the aging process can all impact the way your body looks and how clothes will fit you. One day, you might end up feeling like everything you own is the wrong size. Reshape bulging or unshapely areas with liposuction and the nonsurgical, fat-removing treatment CoolSculpting. These tactics can smooth the fat bulge around your bra strap, eliminate the love handles around your belt, and trim down heavy thighs, just for starters. Plan a successful fat removal treatment, surgical or nonsurgical, that can smooth away unwanted fat. You could find clothes that fit you just right in that wardrobe of yours.

Nothing Looks Right in the Mirror                                                                         If you’ve been standing in front of a full-length mirror, with or without clothes on, you might start trying to pose different ways to see your best angles or hide your unwanted bodily features. Sucking in that stomach, holding up the “bat wings” on your arms, and pushing your breasts up for better cleavage—these are all signs that you might be ready to talk with a plastic surgeon about potential body contouring procedures. Stop imagining what you could look like if your body were different and try planning these changes for real. Discuss your surgical options with a board certified plastic surgeon to get the results you’ve been hoping to see.

Your Body Makes You Self-Conscious
It’s normal to be preoccupied with a part of the body that you don’t like and it’s not surprising that it can begin to affect your self-esteem and self-confidence. You might dress to hide the areas that bother you the most, limiting your wardrobe choices or further damaging your own self-image. Even worse, you might feel physically uncomfortable because of heavy thighs, excess skin on the arms, and other physical issues. Body contouring can do much to correct any problems you have with your physique, improving the way you feel in your own skin and boosting your self-confidence to a new level. For a woman, changing your breast size is just one way to achieve a happier, healthier self-image. Talk about your options for breast lift, breast augmentation, or breast reduction with your plastic surgeon as soon as possible.

Body-contouring surgery can greatly improve the appearance of arms, thighs, the abdomen and buttocks, to name a few, for men and women alike. There are as many applications of body- contouring surgeries as there are patients requesting them, since each and every procedure is tailored to the patient’s unique needs. One of the major factors in planning any body-contouring surgery, however, is scheduling your procedure date at the right time. For some, this means taking time from work and for others it means allowing enough recovery time before a big day. To plan the right time for your own body-contouring surgery, consider the following:

When Should You Get the Procedure Done?
There are some body-contouring procedures that can be most effective when performed on patients within a certain age range or at a specific stage in their lives. For example, many plastic surgeons will encourage women to wait until they no longer plan to have children for a tummy- tuck surgery or breast lift. These surgeries can make up part of a Mommy Makeover, a group of procedures that achieve optimum results following pregnancy and childbirth. Results will be
much less effective, however, if these women have subsequent pregnancies which can leave the tummy and breasts sagging and loose.

Likewise, liposuction surgery should only be performed at the right time for the patient. This procedure can be performed in various areas of the body to permanently remove fat cells and refine the contour of the hips, thighs, and more. However, liposuction is not meant to be a weight loss tool and it must be carefully planned after an overweight patient has shed the extra pounds through diet and exercise. Some plastic surgeons will also ask that you achieve your goal weight and maintain it for several months to a year. This can help to ensure that your results will be long-lasting because of your proven commitment to weight maintenance and fitness.

Finally, breast augmentation surgeries are designed to enhance the breasts of mature women, leading many surgeons to impose a minimum age limit. Your age and maturity may be assessed to determine if you are emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared for a breast enhancement surgery. Most surgeons recommend that patients be at least 18 before considering breast augmentation.

Consider the Time of Year
For many patients, body contouring is a procedure that will help them to feel better in their bodies and more confident in their daily lives. Because of this self-image boost, body contouring patients will likely look forward to the summertime and all that comes with it, including tank tops and bathing suits. When you’re proud of your body, you want to show that confidence to others in what you wear. Many patients will understandably opt for surgery dates in the fall and winter so they can be fully recovered in time for the summer months.

The winter also offers benefits to body-contouring patients. It’s an ideal time to stay indoors and rest while recovering. The baggy clothes and extra layers also lend themselves nicely to covering up your recontoured areas. It’s also more comfortable to dress in these loose clothes when your thighs, arms, or abdomen are swollen from surgery. Talk to your plastic surgeon about the time of year and how it might affect your surgical procedure and recovery period.

Consider Your Personal Schedule
If you’ve got a high school reunion or big family wedding looming on the pages of your calendar, don’t put off your cosmetic surgery. By taking action now to plan and prepare for your procedure, you’ll ensure that your recovery will be completed in time. After all, there’s no point in having liposuction on your hips and buttocks if they’re going to be too swollen.

You should also take into account any other commitments you may have in your professional or personal life. Don’t plan a surgery too close to your big company holiday party or right in the middle of your recreational hockey league season. Many patients lead busy lives with many responsibilities. To ensure a successful recovery and your best results, try to find a nice space in your schedule to squeeze in the body contouring procedure that can change your life.

Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech