Necklace With Wooden Rings – DIY

What you need for a curtain ring statement necklace

– at least three curtain rings in two different sizes (you can use more if you want your necklace to be bigger)
– cotton yarn
– fabric glue
– scissors
– chain necklace
– two small jump rings
– jewelry pliers

How to make a curtain ring statement necklace

How to make a curtain ring statement necklace

1. Decide on the shape of your necklace. I made a simple shape with one large curtain ring and two smaller ones.
2. Cut off a piece of yarn. It’s OK if it’s not long enough to cover the complete curtain ring but try to get as close as possible. Other wise you have to make knots half way. Make a knot at the beginning and start wrapping the yarn around the curtain ring. I started with the ring on the middle, the large one.
3. If you didn’t cut off enough yarn, like me, you have to make a knot and continue wrapping. Make sure the knot will be at the back of the ring, otherwise it will not be as pretty as you want it to be.
4. Make a small knot when you completed wrapping the entire curtain ring.
5. Attach a second ring to the first one by wrapping around both rings at least five times. Continue wrapping the small ring completely.
6. When you finished wrapping the smaller ring you have to wrap a few times around the five strings of yarn that are wrapped around both rings. Make a knot at the back to secure. If you want to be completely curtain it will stay in place you can also add a little bit of fabric glue. Wrap the last ring in yarn and attach it to the bigger ring the same way as the first one. This time you wrap first and attach after that. This is easier because you don’t have any yarn to work with yet at that side of the big ring.
7. Attach the jump rings and the chain necklace. Attach the yarn to a string of cotton yarn that is wrapped around.
8. Your new DIY curtain ring statement necklace is ready to wear!

Made by Wilma