Did you know all these things about fur coats?

Fur coats look great and are so in trend this season. Yet there are so many questions about them. We prepared for you a top three questions about fur coats and asked Andrei, from A&A Vesa Fur coats, a company that produces fur coats for more than twenty years, to help us find the answers.

fur coats

Question no. 1: Why are real fur coats so expensive?

Generally, fur coats are hand-made, so the final price is determined by the hours a furrier spent to produce them. First of all, the fur specialists have to match in their ateliers the pelts for quality and coloration. After that, the pelts are then cut and ‘blocked’ (dampened, stretched and tacked on a ‘blocking board’) to fit the pattern. It’s more than obvious that real fur coats are made of animals’ hair, so there is no pelt that can look like another. The final touch is the design itself. When you want to create beautiful fur coats that follow the newest fashion trends, you have to do your best. You have to study the market and find  something that could be special and appreciated worldwide. In other order of words, the production may require 40-100 hours of skilled labor or more. That’s why fur coats usually cost a lot more than the faux ones that are made by machines in a production line.

fur coats

Question no. 2: Is the fur coats making process environment-friendly?

The answer is ’’yes”. Real fur coats are made of animals’ hair, so they biodegrade as the animals themselves. You have to know that it takes more than 500 years for faux fur coats to biodegrade! More than this, even after half a millennium, they won’t biodegrade because the plastic particles will remain in the soil forever. Synthetic garments are made from petroleum, and this toxic resource is not renewable. This issue must become a real problem between the activists. They should recognize that this is a huge problem and stop blaming the real fur coats for being made of animals’ hair. We have to admit that the global warnings are real and the reality is never nice and kind. People must understand that wool, fur, and leather are the only solution if we want to prevent the global warming warnings.

Question no.3 : Can fur coats keep you warm even after they were sheared to be less bulky?

Of course, fur coats are still extremely warm. Actually, the warmth of these luxury garments stays in the density of the underfur, while the longer hairs we can see have another purpose: they protect you against wind and rain. Most of the fur coats are sheared so the final product could be light and easy to be worn. It’s pretty hard to wear heavy clothes just because you get tired more quickly. In general, the most known fur factories use to cut the guard-hairs just because they want to give their clients good-looking and light fur coats. Of course, fox fur coats look great as they are – fluffy and so special!