Everyone Wants to Move to Canada! What Makes the Great White North a Favored Destination for Many?

Immigration has always been taking place well before the times of King Solomon. It is a pretty natural process. According to the definition, immigration is a process in which people from one sovereign state move to the other (of which they are not natives or don’t possess citizenship) as permanent residents in search of better job opportunities, social security, life status. While it is a hot topic for countries of the European Union and the USA that weather to relax or tighten the process, some countries like Canada have maintained a stand that immigration must be welcomed.

Canada — the favored destination

Canada is a top destination for immigrants. Historically, it has been observed that immigration has been advantageous for Canada, and that is why it is preferred. In the current socio-political scenario, Canada is not only one of the most developed nation, but also among the most tolerant countries of the world. In the year 2015 alone, there were 320,932 immigrants to the nation. We bring, for you, the top and solid reasons to migrate to Canada.

  • Immigration rules for Canada are relaxed and are much easier to qualify.Even after the global recession, Canada did not cut their immigration quota.
  • It offers a very supportive and inclusive social security benefits, not only for the immigrants but their families as well.
  • Getting a job in Canada is relatively easier as compared to its counterparts like the USA.
  • Minimum support wages in Canada is nearly $12/day. In this way, it provides a pretty decent salary benefits as well.
  • Canada has one of the most reliable passports, i.e., One can enjoy visa-free travel for nearly all major countries across the world. It is a primary reason, why many business owners apply for Canadian immigration.
  • Canadian law does not differentiate among its citizens by birth and those by immigration. An immigrant individual may work in any part of the country and possesses same rights as their born in Canada citizen counterparts.
  • Racism is one of the top fears among the immigrants, something that has been absent from the Canadian society and law since long.
  • It provides free medical and education benefits, something one’s own country might refuse.
  • The vast wealth of minerals and natural resources is a blessing for the nation, and this along with minimal government regulation on starting a business, provides the immigrants with profound opportunities in the field of business.
  • Based on the NAFTA Agreement, Canadian business has access to the US and Mexican markets.

Along with these tangible benefits, Canada is considered as one of the best countries to live in. The social structure of the nation is inclusive of different approaches to life and is very modern in its outlook. The income inequality is low, and HDI (human development index) is one among highest. According to many past immigrants, the country has changed their lives for good.

Inspired by growing interest in immigration to Canada there are many agencies providing Immigration services and consultancies like Immigration Agency Toronto to those seeking immigration to it. All the benefit mentioned above and factors are enough to tempt a person to consider migrating there.You can follow our other blogs on Canada immigration for further details!