How To Keep School Uniforms Looking Their Best

There are quite a few different styles of school uniforms out there. Some incorporate embroidered blazers that prominently feature the emblem of the school your child is attending. Others have plain sweaters in basic colors like maroon or red. Sometimes, the uniforms are extremely simple, featuring navy blue trousers or skirts with white shirts. Regardless of what type of uniform your child has, caring for it properly can help it last longer. Check out these tips on how to keep school uniforms looking their best:

Caring For White Shirts

White boys polo shirts, or white button-down shirts are commonly seen in school uniforms. Unfortunately, they also can be challenging to clean. Because they are white, they are prone to staining. They can also become discolored if you wash them with clothing that is dark or that is dyed bright colors.

Before washing a white shirt, always check the care tag. Here, you can find care instructions that come straight from the manufacturer. These instructions usually include details such as the proper temperature of water to use and whether or not the garment should be ironed. In most cases, whites should be bleached to get them as bright and clean as possible. You may also need to use special stain treating methods to get rid of stains or discoloration.

Washing Dark Sweaters

Oftentimes, school uniforms incorporate sweaters. Typically, these come in dark colors such as red, navy blue, forest green, dark gray, or black. Again, always check the care tag before washing one of these garments. To help prolong the life of the sweater, turn it inside out when you wash it. This can help minimize fading and can reduce the likelihood of pilling. Embroidered garments, in particular, should always be washed inside out. Always choose the gentle cycle on your washer to minimize the chance of damaging the garment.

Caring For Pants Or Skirts

Kids are notoriously hard on school skirts, boy husky pants ¬†and trousers, simply because they don’t really pay attention to where they sit. In fact, at one point or another, you probably will find yourself trying to figure out how to get gum out of fabric after your child accidentally sits on a piece. Read the tag on the garments to find out the correct water temperature for washing them. Additionally, avoid washing dark skirts or trousers with lighter colored items to minimize fading.

Caring For Blazers

Because blazers are structured garments, they often need to be treated a little bit more gently than other types of clothing. If your child’s uniform has a blazer, read the care instructions to find out how best to care for it. Make sure that there is nothing in the pockets of the blazer before you wash it. If you are washing it with other items, make sure they are all similar in color. Choose a gentle wash cycle and consider laying the garment flat while it dries to keep it from losing its shape.

Caring For A Sports Uniform

Athletic activities are important since they help your child stay active. Typically, sports uniforms require extra care since they are likely to come in contact with sweat, grass, and other substances that can cause staining. Ideally, sporting gear should be washed regularly to keep it from smelling and to prevent any stains from having a chance to set in. Typically, these uniforms should be washed in hot water. It goes without saying, however, that you should follow the instructions on the care tag.