Ideas for Men’s Bracelets: How to Wear and Sell These Trendy Accessories

A man’s collection of jewelry speaks to his taste, his lifestyle and his stylistic preferences.

Just like the perfect timepiece or a signature set of cufflinks, a curated selection of men’s bracelets can upgrade a simple outfit from boring to bespoke in an instant.

In fact, the NY Times suggests that the men’s bracelet is the new, hip and cool accessory.

The right bracelet does not have to be expensive to pack the perfect sartorial punch. Just add a $100 titanium men’s bracelet to your crisp white shirt, jeans and suede loafers, and you will look just as polished and put-together, just like when you wear a three-piece suit.

Using this simple bracelet primer, you will know how to wear, and even sell, these signature pieces of jewelry.

How to Wear

There are some pieces of jewelry, such as a watch, which fits all occasions.

But according to jewelry designer, Chan Luu, men’s bracelets are not one of those accessories. In fact, it is best to select the right piece of jewelry based on the time of day, and where you are going.

  • For Black Tie Events: If you are wearing cufflinks with your French cuff shirt, your heirloom silver rope bracelet won’t complement your black tie attire. For formal events, wear a discreet and elegant silver or gold thin bracelet that matches the metal of your cufflinks and watch. If you are more adventurous with your pieces of jewelry, you can pair an antique men’s bracelet with a pair of cufflinks and a timepiece that is more modern.
  • For Work: Depending on the office, you can wear your basic men’s bracelets for casual Fridays — or to complement your khaki pants, colorful polo shirts, dark denim and rocker tees. If you work in a more conservative industry such as finance or law, complement your chunky steel chronograph with an understated platinum bracelet.
  • For Casual Events: Relaxation time requires a men’s bracelet that matches the mood and the occasion. You can wear a big and trendy bracelet whether you are wearing a T-shirt or a collared one. You can also choose a leather wrist accessory or a piece featuring brushed steel or gold. On the other hand, you can dress up your outfit with a bracelet featuring unexpected textures such as calf or pony hair and sterling silver.

How to Sell

If you are looking to sell a few pieces from your collection or fine jewelry or trendy men’s bracelets, here’s how to unload your stash.

  • Your fine jewelry has a resale value, whether it is a diamond encrusted bracelet or a handcrafted wrist watch. Unfortunately, your costume or trendy bracelets may not sell have a high value in the marketplace – unless you are attempting to unload them on eBay.
  • The quality of your bracelet’s materials (its metals, stones and its history) will usually be more important than the stones that are set into the metal.
  • When selling with a private jeweler, he or she should be able to give you a quick valuation of your men’s bracelet, and tell you exactly what price they are willing to pay for the piece of jewelry. If you are selling your piece to a consignment store or an antique jeweler, don’t be surprised if you are handed a check immediately – and on the spot.