9 Essential Styles of Pants Every Lady Should Own

Hey Fashionista! My post for today is called “9 Essential Styles of Pants Every Lady Should Own.” They are my best friends and I enjoy wearing them. I’m not huge fanatic of dresses and skirts, but I have millions of pants. Even if you don’t like this peace of clothes, you should put it in your wardrobe (just in case). There are days when you get tired of the sparkle dresses and mini skirts and all you want is to find a fashionable and comfy piece of clothes and wear it all day long. I have made a research and I concluded that these 9 Essential Styles of Pants below are comfy and stylish at the same time and every lady should own them.

Other good reason to put a pair of pants in your wardrobe is the weather that can cool down and we should move our dresses and put something more appropriate. Find out what kind of pants you should add to your wardrobe. After seeing the gallery below choose the one you like the most and write me a comment. I love wearing the baggy and palazzo pants. High-waist pants are trendy, but not my type. Enjoy in the gallery and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!


Baggy Pants

image via mstreinta.blogspot.com.es

Palazzo Pants

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High-Waist pants

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White Cullotes

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 Ripped Jeans

ripped jeans
image via sonyakaramazova.com

Mint Pants

mint pants
image via sonyakaramazova.com

Classy and Retro with Beige Trousers

image via www.thecablook.com

Printed Pants

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Lovely and Comfy Outfit

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