How to Treat Your Car Like a Diva

Many a driver has formed an insatiable love affair with his or her car. Vehicles are an extension of who we are and what stage we’ve reached in our lives. Per the American Automobile Association (AAA), Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes in their vehicles annually. That equals out to about 60 minutes per day. If you’re going to be spending that much time in your car throughout the week, then why not treat it like a diva? Give your car all the love and adoration it can handle so that it handles well on the road.

A Healthy Diet

To make your car look like a supermodel, it has to eat like a supermodel. It doesn’t matter how decked out your pinstripes, chrome steel, and window tint is. If your car won’t start, then you can’t drive two miles per hour through town so that everyone can see you.

Routine maintenance and care are essential for a car to operate at its peak performance. You should schedule trips to the mechanic for standard maintenance. Proper maintenance on a car includes checklist items such as an oil change, tire rotation, fluid refills, belts, suspension re-grease, and a tune-up.

Give Your Car the Spa Treatment

A true diva never goes out without looking her absolute best. Neither should your car. A vehicle that is never washed will eventually erode and discolor due to the outside elements. You should wash your car 1-2 times a week. If you want to preserve the finish on your car, then have it professionally cleaned and waxed regularly. You should also have your car detailed on the inside at least 5-6 times a year. By taking care of your car, it will always have that new look on the inside and out.

Handle Your Prima Donna with Care

Although young drivers are taught how to drive legally, they’re rarely taught how to drive properly. The truth is, we abuse our vehicles by handling them harshly on the road. Here are eleven common forms of driving abuse:

  • Cutting corners too sharp and too fast
  • Accelerating too fast
  • Breaking hard or breaking too long
  • Letting your windshield wipers squeak long after the rain has stopped
  • Burning the manual clutch or not properly shifting according to speed range. Make sure you know the pros and cons of manual vs. automatic transmission
  • Parking it outside when you have a garage
  • Slamming doors, hoods, and hatches
  • Driving fast over rough terrain (potholes, railroad tracks, etc.)
  • Jerking actions in the steering and use of the pedal
  • Going in reverse without coming to a complete stop
  • Driving off before the engine has warmed up
  • Make it Sing Like a Diva

The word ‘diva’ originated in Italy and means ‘Goddess’. The term was attributed to female opera singers who demonstrated extraordinary vocal range and ability. So, if you’re going to treat your car like a diva, it needs to sound like a diva. That’s right, spend a little extra money and put a killer stereo system in your car. Nothing beats a high-end audio system that is customized to suit your personal taste. A couple of speaker upgrades and a stereo with added features always makes the drive more fun.

Once you’ve babied your drivalicious diva, remember that nothing is more important behind the wheel than safe and responsible driving. If you’re looking for a traffic school or defensive driving course to get your license or improve your driving skills, then contact MyImprov today and sign up for our driving courses. We are Florida DMV improved and can get you a driving certificate in 30 minutes!