How to Stack Jewelry Like a Pro 


Photo by Milestones by Ashleigh Bergman on Instagram

Whether you’re staying in and donning the latest in tie-dye sweatsuits, or going out and wearing your best pair of ‘mom’ jeans with heels (hopefully soon), don’t forget your necklace stack. The trend has risen to a worship-able art form, thanks to jewelry influencers and designers everywhere, who have become utterly obsessed with perfecting the look. Therefore, I’ve studied hard and tried my hand it, creating a step-by-step guide below on how to layer, mix, and match the right assortment of chokers, pendants, and chains. A noticeable ground rule: You must work in some sort of gem-heavy tennis necklace for a touch of coveted, yet effortless, shine. Now, let’s get to work, and throw in some GSI diamonds while we’re at it. 

  • The Foundation: Start things off with the simplest of all, a semi-chunky chain, and make sure to choose a piece that correctly sets the tone for your stack. How about the ‘now’ paperclip chain in yellow gold? Make sure it’s choker/collar style and just hugging your neck. Clean and minimalist is key to launching a neck party. I like this 14k Marta Necklace from Jennifer Zeuner for the dose of cool simplicity it suggests.  
Picture 1
  • A Bit of Color: Pastel pink, muted greens, and turquoise are colors of stones we’re seeing a lot of right now. Select a slightly longer chain for this next step, and make sure it’s dangling at about 16” to start your cascade and your intriguing contrast of tone and texture. But do be sure to keep this one delicate; we’re not there yet…This green tourmaline and diamond design from WWAKE injects a subtle pop. 
  • Turn It Up: Here’s where you can start going a little crazy. Grab an all-diamond tennis necklace, which sends out the right amount of luxe vibes and does the job anchoring the stack. Still, try and keep it tasteful so you’re not overwhelming your “co-stars.” This cushion cluster diamond choker from Sara Weinstock should fall right below your tinge of color. Let it blend in but also stand out at the same time for some cohesion. Always be sure to get your diamond certification at a place like Gemological Science International (GSI)
  • One More Chain: Choose another chain that mirrors the first, working in a few stones or not. Whatever you prefer. This will restore some balance. I’m actually kind of crushing on the whole oversized charm thing right now, so this personalized piece from the master, storrow, should do the job well. 
  • Make It Personal: Go out with a bang via some personalization. These oversized name necklaces are everywhere right now, and I particularly love this 14k gold, fluted creation from Milestones by Ashleigh Berman for its vintage charm and unique personality. It can overlap with the above charm chain, or rest just beneath it.