How to Outfit Repeat in Style

It seems like there’s some kind of cardinal fashion rule against possibly wearing the same outfit twice – lest you be struck down by the fashion gods and smited for your audacity and daring. I say, so long as you follow a couple of simple tips about restyling and work with what you have, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit twice! You don’t have to wear everything different every time – you can get away with a lot, and with a couple of stylist’s tips and tweaks, you can actually alter the entire look of a particular piece without having to do too much at all.

After all, in our current day and age, we need to be aware of the fact that people are consuming more and more, and seeking out new clothing when in actual fact, they can make do with what they have. I like to shop at bargain and second hand stores and to buy key pieces that stand the test of time. That way, I always have a fresh look hanging in my cupboard, and I also donate items that I haven’t worn in a year. I have a couple of designer dresses that I love, a key pair of black trousers, some white shirts, a denim jacket, a blazer, and plenty of denim. The rest I swap in and out, depending on my mood, the seasons and the occasion.

Let’s take a look at how you can restyle an outfit easily, and outfit repeat in style.

Hair and Makeup

You’ll be surprised how much difference it makes to wear your hair up or down, and to pop on a slick of red lipstick compared to a nude lip. The subtle styling changes make a big difference to your overall look, and it’s easy to make some subtle changes for big results. Why not try experimenting with a classic little black dress and try your hair up and then down. You’ll see that it really alters the look of your outfit in its entirety.


We all know how easy it is to dress an outfit up or down depending on the kind of jewellery we’re wearing. You can pair a classic white t-shirt with a blue denim skirt and dress it up with a chunky necklace or down with a fine chain. Sample some different options for your outfit and watch it appear different as you do!

image 2


When you wear heels with a pair of trousers, it automatically makes it look a lot more stylish and dressed up, and then when you slip on a pair of comfy brogues, you’ll find that your look is instantly more dressed down and casual – but still cool. Try wearing a denim jacket or a blazer as well, and you’ll see a versatile pair of pants indeed!

image 1

Day vs Night

Even just wearing an outfit at night as compared to in the daytime (if it is indeed that versatile of an outfit) can make a big difference to your look. A cute top and a pair of nice jeans when paired with a pair of sandals or flats will work for the park and a casual barbecue, and then slick on a bit of lippie and change into a pair of heels and voila! You have a perfect nighttime outfit! Pop on a cute necklace and you’ll see that your outfit morphs into something amazing.

image 3

Ruffle it Up

Change the look of your outfit by tucking it in, or untucking it, and popping a collar or flattening it down. The difference that these small changes can make are amazing.

I hope that you find it a lot easier to make changes to an existing outfit and that the style you have is effortless!