How to Get the Nose Shape You Want

When you look in the mirror, do you see a nose that you find appealing or are there aspects of it that you wish could be changed? You aren’t stuck with that same nose shape for life, you know. You can have a simple cosmetic procedure done that will reshape the nose and give you a look that you find more appealing. 

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What Can Be Changed

When we say that you can change your nose shape, how drastic of a change are we talking about? 

Well, you can have the tip of your nose altered so that it has a more pleasing angle to it. This is actually one of the more common complaints about noses, and it doesn’t take much to change the appearance of the tip.

You could also have your nose widened or defined better. A simple procedure can reshape the width of the nose, altering it to your specifications.

The ridge on the top of the nose is a major point of disappointment for some people. They may not like how the ridge makes their nose look like a hook, sometimes called a witch’s nose. They may want the ridge reduced, and simple cosmetic procedures can make that happen. 

Is Surgery Required?

You may be wondering how invasive this procedure will be. Yu can actually get all those different kinds of cosmetic changes made to your nose and not have to go under a surgeon’s knife. Modern medicine is so amazing that many times you can have cosmetic procedures done without the need for incision. 

This is called nonsurgical rhinoplasty, and skilled surgeons in Singapore can reshape your nose in a way that you like without having to use any knife or any dangerous methods that would put you at risk. 

What’s the Method?

Nose fillers in Singapore are quite popular these days. This involves injecting a small amount of filler into the nose. The surgeon will sculpt the filler to create the desired shape. The filler can make the nose more defined, provide a more even look, get rid of abnormalities, and do all sorts of other things to improve the overall appearance of the nose. 

The entire process is very quick, only taking about 10-15 minutes. The results are instant, giving you a nose that you want without having to guess if the outcome was on target. That’s part of why this method is considered to ideal for most people. There is no guessing about the results since the fillers work immediately.

Recovering from the Process

So, now you have the nose you want. What comes next? You will have to be careful about what you wear on your face for a while. Your cosmetic specialist will advise you about what you can and cannot do and will likely tell you not to wear sunglasses for some time. 

You may experience some swelling or tenderness for a while, but that will go away after a while. Most people who have fillers injected into their nose feel good enough to go about their daily routine afterwards, so there is little downtime to speak of. 

How Long It Lasts

If you are thinking about having nose fillers in Singapore injected, then you will want to get all the details before you make that decision. An initial consultation will be a big help, providing answers to a lot of your questions. Some aspects of the procedure may be different for you than they are for other people, because of the shape of your nose, the kind of work you want done, and any health issues you may be dealing with.

In general, though, the procedure will last you for anywhere from 12 months to 18 months. After that point, the fillers should have dissipated, and you will have to go back to the clinic for more fillers to be injected. That’s if you want the same look again. If you get repeat treatments however, the fillers can last even longer. 

Talk to your specialists about your options and determine what might work best for you. If you would like to see some change in the way your nose looks, fillers might be the way to go.