How to Dress Elegantly for Graduation

After three or more years at Uni, graduation is a long time coming and definitely something to celebrate in a big way! When it comes to the official graduation event, there’s usually a lot of pomp and ceremony around it – meaning you have to dress pretty formally – but this doesn’t mean you can’t showcase your personality and turn heads. Elegance is the key to success in the style stakes come graduation day, and frankly, when people are browsing through your graduation snaps that’s going to be more important than your degree grade anyway!

Choose a dress that’s conservative but cute

Since graduation involves the attendance of hundreds of parents, grandparents and lecturers, some frocks just won’t be appropriate. Miniskirts are out, but less because of what your grandma would think and more because of that huge graduation gown that will make you look naked if you chose a hovering hemline. A maxi dress or midi length is ideal. Whatever the length, always choose a slim line cut to your dress as anything bulky will make your gown stick out in a very unflattering manner!

The color you choose will depend on your bravery, if you want to show off your wild side in fluorescent pink there’s nothing stopping you! Classic shades for graduation include: royal or navy blue or red. You might want to coordinate with your university hood colors.

Go for comfy footwear

Whilst style is a top priority, comfort is vital too. You want to enjoy this, typically, once in a lifetime event, so don’t ruin your day by wearing killer heels that lead to backache or blisters. You’ll probably be doing a lot of walking and standing around so keep this in mind. Wedges are an excellent choice for graduation wear, they give the lift and glamour of heels but the support of flats. Kurt Geiger and LK Bennet shoes are a sophisticated choice.

Be weather appropriate

Having a summer graduation? Pop a pair of classic shades in your handbag to ensure you won’t be squinting in those obligatory after-ceremony outdoor photos with friends and family. For winter make sure you have a complimenting cardi, shawl or blazer for on top of your dress; a bitter wind can really dampen the mood if you’re not prepared.

Make a statement with jewellery

Let’s face it, you’ll spend hours picking that dress and it’s going to be mainly covered with the gown. To make a fashion statement choose some bold jewellery, like bangles or earrings, which can be seen clearly whether you’re strutting across the stage or posing with your scroll. Elegant diamante, or real diamonds if you’re lucky, can add a glistening finish to your big day get-up.

Remember, whatever you wear for the formal graduation ceremony needs to be appropriate for those much anticipated dinners, after-parties and balls that follow. By the time you’ve taken all the pictures, had a drink and caught up with students you haven’t seen since you last exam – you may be straight off to your favorite restaurant or bar, without time to change.