How To Color Match Your Best Friend On A Special Occasion

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You and your closest gal have always wanted to coordinate but until now, haven’t ventured into it. If you have a formal event coming up and are wondering if this is a good time to do it, you’ve come across the right article.

We will be featuring some top tips on how to color match effortlessly so you and your friend look flawless without coming across as too ‘samey’.  

Whether you are buying a sophisticated black dress for your senior prom ‌or choosing a champagne gown for your homecoming, this article will help you coordinate perfectly.

Tips For Color Coordinating With Your Best Friend For A Formal Event

Just like the fashion shows and cat walks, color coordinating is a big deal. Pull it off and get the right shades matching with your best friend and you can create the ultimate look this prom. You don’t want to end up looking like twins so following these tips is absolutely essential to get the balance right.

There are tips that can be found online on how to coordinate clothes with your best friend. Below are also tips you can use. The next time you meet up with your girl, discuss them to get the dress hunt off to a flying start:

  • Agree On Shoes

You want to be a similar height to start getting things syncing up. This means one person shouldn’t be wearing heels and the others wearing flats. Get things coordinated from the ground up and doing so means you must consider shoes first.

  • Don’t Wear The Same Shade

Wearing the same color is a no-go as you will look like you are trying too hard and are overdoing it with the matching. Think about what styles you are wearing. For example, if your friend is wearing a block shade of yellow, a block color pink dress could work. If you are wearing something with embellishments, match them with your friend’s main gown color or vice versa. Thinking about unique ways you can coordinate will work well and subtly complement each other.

  • Complement Dress Lengths

You will want to both wear the same length of dress too. This creates visual balance and even though the colors aren’t identical, will help you match well.

  • Remain True To Your Style

Don’t compromise or dampen down your own unique style throughout the coordination process. However, it is important to consider that when you are trying to match, both genres of fashion should be the same. Moreover, pin down your ideas before you go shopping.

  • Don’t Get Too ‘Posey’

Even though you have coordinated your prom dresses or gowns, you don’t want to start doing the same poses in photos. Go with what’s natural and what works well for you as friends.

As you can see, there is an art to color coordinating with your friend. Follow these tips and you will pull it off effortlessly.