How to Capture His Heart. Stylish Gift Ideas

Don’t know how to win his heart and demonstrate your thoughtfulness, creativity, and care? An ideally matched birthday gift for him would work best of all!

Indeed, the perfect present for your man will enchant him and definitely play into your hands. Wanna find out more about this secret weapon? Keep reading…

So, how to choose that very ideal pressie for him? First of all, think over how relevant it’s gonna be: bear in mind your man’s age, habits, lifestyle, interests, and personality type. Is he shy or brutal? Does he like partying or listening to classical music? Is he a sports freak or a couch potato? The more you know the better.

Also, try to monitor his behavior: maybe, he’s experiencing discomfort about some broken tool he really needs, or dreaming about some cool accessory but isn’t ready to buy it for himself. Often, the answer is obvious – just be alert and it’ll appear by itself 😉

And to give you extra inspiration, we’ve got 6 awesome ideas of stylish gifts for him:

Leather Accessories

If you’re in search of trendy gifts for men, consider various leather accessories, which are always a win-win choice.

  • Belt

Matte or smooth and glossy belts will be great for a business outfit. Perforated, wicker or textile belts will work well for a casual or vintage style.

  • Wallet or Card Carrier

A stylish leather wallet will be an awesome trendy gift for him. Get a branded wallet for a classics lover, a casual compact wallet for a daredevil, or a personalized wallet with your photo, sweet message, or quote if he appreciates the thoughtfulness of presents.

  • Shoulder Bag

Choose from a huge variety of styles, shapes, and colors depending on style preferences and needs of your man.

Stylish Watch

Watch is an ideal pressie for any occasion from Valentine’s Day to Birthday – it’s always useful and always nice to have (even if he already has one, you can buy something of a different class).

Smart watch for gadget lovers, branded sports watch for active gentlemen, classic minimalist watch for busy businessmen… waterproof, unbreakable, bulletproof… you know, there’s a really wide selection nowadays.

Vintage Style Gifts for Him

If your man really loves vintage fashion, don’t run away from this opportunity to treat him with such a luxury high-quality vintage style gift. Unfortunately, this purchase is gonna be a bit pricey, but if you do can afford it, think no more!

  • Vintage Leather Notebook

  • Vintage Document Organizer

Thoughtful Gifts for Him

Just show him how attentive you are and how much you care, and you’ll win his heart for sure! Prepare a thoughtful gift and leave no chances to resist.

  • Tie

A tie will come in handy to diversify his wardrobe, however, if your man’s job has a dress code on a regular basis, you may try a set of ties.

  • Headphones

Know that your boyfriend is a music fun? He’ll definitely appreciate new high-quality headphones in his collection.

ATH-SR9 Headphones by @audiotechnicaau. #headphones 📷@audiotechnicaau

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Grooming & Skin Care Kit for Him

Modern guys take care of their skin, hair, and overall appearance no less than ladies, so different grooming and skin care sets won’t surprise them, and on the contrary, come in handy.

Besides traditional shaving kit, you can get him beard balms and oils, moisturizing and anti-age creams, lotions, cleansing gel washes, and lots of other stuff.

Also, you can stay conservative and opt for gift sets of fragrances and aftershaves for your man.

Stylish Jewelry & Accessories for Him

No list of trendy gifts for men can do without the jewelry and accessories section, so here are our ideas:

  • Cufflinks

A pair of stylish cufflinks is able to spice up any outfit. Your man still doesn’t have one? You know what to do. Cufflinks are a good present for any special occasion. Buy luxury designer or branded cufflinks if he usually wears a smart suit, or look for something less expensive, if your man is not really into all that “classy” fashion.

  • Lighter

A stylish lighter by the famous brand can be a universal gift for most occasions. So, if your guy smokes, he’ll be happy to get a new lighter as a gift. Also, you can go even farther and have the engraving made on it to personalize your pressie.

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  • Bracelets, Rings, & Chains

Jewelry is probably the most obvious; however still the most popular gift idea for men. Expensive and fashionable, or simple but meaningful – what will your guy like more? Leather, silver, gold… Today’s market offers a lot of options.

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another stylish accessory, which will never hurt. They update the outfits and highlight the fashion style, they’re versatile and just eternal.

Sunglasses via @belancestore. #menssunglasses #mensstyle

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Good luck finding the perfect pressie for your man. Remember, that the best gift is the one you give with love.