How Safe Are Cosmetics And Body Care Products

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You don’t have to be a beautician to have heard a horror story or two about makeup and body lotion products. Just about everyone has heard a story of some lotion or topical giving a patron an allergic reaction that sent them to the hospital or worse, the grave. There is simply no denying that makeup and body lotion manufacturers use any plethora of ingredients in the products. This is just one of the things that make them stand out. Some will add alternative essential oils, while others will add exfoliating properties. At the end of the day, how safe are these ingredients and can they be trusted enough to use without fear of harm?

Why Do These Ingredients Matter?

Most people probably just make the assumption right away that since makeup and other cosmetics are applied to either the skin, scalp or face they simply don’t have an effect on the body. This is unfortunately not true at all and should be recognized right away. The skin is your largest and most absorbent organ. It is constantly absorbing and adjusting to the environment around you. Anything toxic that gets on the skin could easily reach the bloodstream. So, just simply applying shampoo with a handful of harmful ingredients could be even more dangerous than one would ever imagine.

What About Consuming Harmful Products

You are probably thinking that people eat harmful things all day long, so why aren’t they being affected? How can you not be worried about what you eat, but you are worried about what you are rubbing into your skin? This is an excellent question. The first thing that you need to know is that anything that you eat is filtered through the liver. Anyone will a normal functioning liver would be just fine with eating a few bad ingredients here and there. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the case for someone with a malfunctioning liver. It also isn’t the case for cosmetic products because anything that is absorbed into the skin isn’t filtered out through the liver. It goes directly into the bloodstream.

Not Regulated

Any time you are looking to purchase cosmetics online, you always have to consider who is regulating the products. What industry is making sure that each and every ingredient is safe? Would you be surprised to learn that there isn’t one? This is truly trouble when you sit down and look at the grand scheme of things. It is supposed to FDA, but the FDA claims that it has no legal authority to require companies to test products for safety. Heck, the FDA isn’t responsible for reviewing or approving the vast majority of products and ingredients before they hit store shelves. So, the cosmetic industry is left to regulate itself.

Will Shopping Organic Help?

Now, there are organic cosmetic products available and most people think that shopping this way is a safer alternative. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case either because products that are labeled organic can contain what are known as petrochemicals. In fact, there are some products listed as organic that only contain an actual 10% of organic materials. This is because there is no way to regulate the market.