Guide to Organize Your Messy Purse

Dear lady! I heard that you have had a shoulder pain. That’s not good and you know that! Do you have any idea how many pounds you are carrying on your shoulders and how much pounds your purse weigh? I’m 100% sure that you haven’t even noticed that your purse is overweight and I think that this is the main contributor to your problems. Many researchers says that if you want to stay healthy and to prevent improper balance then your purse should weight less then 3 pounds or less then 1.4 kg. So I have made a guide that can help you to remove the unnecessary things.

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You should organize your wallet first, don’t you think? Make sure that your cash or credit cards are neatly inserted and you have easy access to them. Throw out the old cards (those that you aren’t using any more) and make sure that you have always in your pocket your health insurance, driving license, your ID and the card that you need to enter to your office. If you don’t need the library, discount, reward or gift cards, dental or other types of card in the moment, you should’t put them in the wallet. You can put them together at your house, so you’ll know where they are when you need them. The receipts are the first thing that we should get rid of. I have million of them in my wallet, so if you do too – please throw them away. You should only keep those that are necessary when you return an item, but the rest are taking up a pointless space – believe me. The coins can make a mess and your wallet can be overweight too. The best thing that you can do is to place the coins in a jar and at the end of the month you can take it to the bank. I think it is time to continue with some purse organizing tips. This is what I do before I go out, I think it will be useful to try it by yourself too.

  1.  Take the items out of your purse;
  2. Separate them into 2 piles: Items you should have and items that aren’t so necessary;
  3. Place your makeup (lipstick, blush, shadow) in a separate pocket – if you have one;
  4. If you have some “personal” things, then you should zip them so the would be out of sight;
  5. The front pockets are always good place to store your mirror, gum/mints, phone, mp3 player
  6. Your wallet, scarf, glasses should be placed in the main part of the purse

If you don’t pay attention to the already stated and you have a dozen of lipsticks, 50 keys, receipts that you don’t need and credit cards that you don’t use, it is quite likely that your wonderful purse weighs more than it should. Just imagine how much energy you are spending while you are digging to find your library card or the keys from your car. How many minutes or hours are you spending in searching through your purse? And how much time do you need to organize it? I think 10 minutes will be enough. And after that, you will find your things quicker and you won’t be stressed at all. There won’t be thoughts that you have lost your key or ID. Think about that.

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