Getting to Know Your Style: What Handbag Best Suits You?

New season, new handbag, right? Searching for a stylish soul mate can be trickier than it sounds. Do you choose based on your lifestyle, personal style or budget? Sort out your priorities and we’ve sorted the rest for you!

The Party Animal

There’s no point “popping in” to see you, you won’t be there. You’ll probably be found at a cool bar or hitting up the newest club in town. Your wardrobe consists of mostly party dresses and heels and anyone who wears trainers is basically alien to you. A cute clutch bag is your staple accessory – essentials are packed and there is nothing holding you back on that dance floor!

The Explorer

You’re not one for sitting still and your plans usually involve heading in to the great outdoors for countryside walks or kayaking down a river somewhere. A backpack should be your go-to, leaving you hands free for climbing and with enough space for a camera and supplies in case you get lost. In fact, maybe make sure your phone’s in there too!

The Workaholic

Monday morning madness is real, you’ve got deadlines coming out of your ears and you take work home far more often than you care to admit. A tote bag isn’t just an accessory for you, it’s an essential! Those reports aren’t going to carry themselves so treat yourself to that tote you’ve had your eye on – you know you deserve it!

The Spontaneous One

Not a big one for making plans, you’d rather just see where the wind takes you. With a practical cross body bag you can do just that! Maybe you want to pop in to that art gallery you never noticed down the road or your friend has just called to invite you to the opening of a quirky new bar. What’s stopping you?

The Queen Bee

Always the center of attention and all about making a style statement! “Diva” may as well be your middle name. Be bold with oversized shoulder bags and there’s no reason you have to leave anything at home. Purse, tissues, full make-up kit… hell, bring your dog if you feel like it!?

The Gym Bunny

You spend more time on the treadmill than you do talking and #strongnotskinny is your life motto. Break out of the social norm and swap your handbag for a gym bag with enough room for sneakers and a change of clothes for that after work sweat sesh!

The Jet Setter

Your Instagram is full of travel photos from all over the globe and your dream job is reviewing holiday homes and hotels (or if it wasn’t, it is now). Fitting in mini breaks at every available opportunity, hand luggage is the only way you know how. Cue: the weekender. With your packing credentials there will be room to spare, maybe for a couple of extra bikinis! Ready, jet set, go…

What’s your perfect handbag style?