Fashion Inspired by Kandinsky

Hey Divas, Today we will preset something different. The Art and Fashion together, we will write about brilliant artist Wassily Kandinsky. He is 20th century greatest artist. A lot of fashion designers are inspired by Kandinsky, but not only in fashion in every form of art artists are inspired by Kandinsky.  We preset you some fashion photos where inspiration come from Kandinsky work. Also at the bottom are artistic paintings inspired by Kandinsky. Enjoy the art.




Swarovski Runway Rocks, 2008

Photo by Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images


Collection of Rainbow Winters

Photo via

Sketches by Alexandra Woolfson Inspired by the work of Vassily Kandinsky


kandinsky process_670


Some Masterpieces inspired by Kandinsky


Birth of the Color by Dmitri Albert

Symphonic No.5 by Peter Bastaja


Portrait of Wassily Kandinsky by Alan Derwin

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