DIY: Useful Make-Up Magnet Board

Hey dear ladies, I’m always here to inspire you and to show you some amazing ideas that will solve all of your problems. For today I have made you a very interesting post that is called “DIY: Useful Make-Up Magnet Board”. I use a lot of makeup and yesterday I go out of my mind when I couldn’t find my mascara! Have you ever had a problem like this? I was standing in front of the mirror and I was asking myself where it can be!? I saw that I have had the same problem for years, so I searched the net to find an appropriate solution for it and what I found took my breath and it solved all of my problems.

This is the best DIY solution that you will ever see in your life – believe me. It can store all the make-up that you have and much more. We all know how magnet boards are useful to organize all these small things so why not to use one of them to organize make-up? Such board would be perfect way to display everything at once.

You’ll need some picture frame that will be the base for a magnet board. To decorate it you can use some spray paint and fabric. You’ll also need a bunch of small magnets hot glued to each make-up item you have. You can also use different containers but they will need several magnets each. When you’re done you can hang the magnet wall near your dresser or in your bathroom.

If you choose this solution, you will have an easy access to what you need and you won’t spend so much time for looking for the mascara or eyeliner. What do you think? I can’t imagine my life without this magical idea. Have fun!

Useful Makeup Magnet Board